"If we stand together on the stage then you can see there 250 years of popmusic..."

An all-star-band consist of Marian Gold, Klaus Schulze, Toni Nissl, F.J. Krüger and "Fredi Schnitzel" are "the wondering stars" be shown with a classical song by Mary Hopkins "those were the days" on the 20th of February 2001 in TV channel SAT1 in the criminal movie "Klassentreffen".  In an interview for Radio Eins, which you can download also on the Sputnik Roadhouse website, Marian said among other things: "Oh yes, it was very funny...during our careers from time to time we met us and in various productions we also worked together. Because of this soundtrack for the criminal movie we had the possibility to make something together in the combination of these musicians and finally we had the chance to leave a bit the genre in that we work normally and do something completely different together. And this was quite good. We had a lot of joy. We always had the idea to make a band together and now the criminal movie was a brilliant occasion to realize it. In the movie the band is named >The wondering stars<. This was the only term of the producer. But our official name is >Sputnik Roadhouse<. And that's also the new project we'll follow in the near future... at the moment I'm sitting together with Klaus Schulze in his studio and we're working on the next songs for the project." On the moderation's question if the project will be seen also in other TV movies Marian answered:" Momentary is nothing like this planned. From time to time offers like this appears but it's not the aim of the project. At the moment we all are very busy because Sputnik Roadhouse is just an additionally project next to the other things we're doing, means we're fully stretched." The interviewer mentioned that all musicians who are involved are quite old hands at the music business and asked if that's more an advantage or if that's the cause for a different sort of frictions in comparison to the frictions which maybe young bands get. Marian told: " Actual I hoped it would be totally different even because of being such old hands at the music business, but in the moment when we all sit together and all the ideas are in the air it's like always and the problems are the same, the quarrels are the same...sometimes it's even more substantiate because the folks actually have already seen everything and haven't been told easily something by the others. So that's not such a big difference. But of course the creative processes are different because the folks have much experiences and actual that's the interesting matter. Apart from that we meet us more often. Usually we only meet in hotelhalls or at the airport and now we can do something together finally and that's quite nice."
Klaus Schulze plays the organ. He was born on the 04.08.1947. In the begin of the 60s he played in various rockbands on the drum, bass and guitar. In the years 1968-69 he was the drummer in the trio Psy Free. 1969 he joined Tangerine Dream and in 1970 he found Ash Ra Temple. He started is extremely solo- career in 1971. Next to numberless other projects he was the producer of Alphaville's "The Breathtaking Blue" album in 1989.
F.J.Krüger (Frank Jürgen Krüger) plays the guitar and was born on the 24.12.1948. He got known for the first time with the "Release Music Orchestra". After that he played together with Annette Humpe in the Berlin band "x-pectors". In the beginning of 1980 Annette Humpe, Ernst Ulli Deuker, F.J.Krüger and Hansi Behrend met each other in Berlin. They decided to find a band ("Ideal"). At the beginning also Annette's sister Inga joined. But she soon left the band in order to sing and play keyboard for another band named "Neonbabies". In the end of the year 1982 F.J.Krüger plays the guitar for the German band "Trio" and the guitar player of "Trio" plays for "Ideal".  1983 he supports his friend Manuel Göttsching (Ash Ra Temple) in a production. In 1989 Krüger plays for various songs for Alphaville's album "The Breathtaking Blue" the guitar. 1994 Krüger joined the band "Lassie Singers". The first album of the new co-operation named "Stadt Land Verbrecher" contains also one song with Marian Gold as background singer. In spring 2000 Krüger worked for the soundtrack of the movie "Schule".
"Fred Schnitzel" plays the bass. And the person with this nick name is nobody else than the legendary Florian Schneider from the band "Kraftwerk". He was born on the 07.04.1947. 1968 at the university of Remscheid he met Ralf Hütter and together they made plans they wanted to realise in an "organisation". Both had a plenty of musically experiences. Florian Schneider studied flute at the conservatory and played in various Jazzbands. Made out of this plans  "kraftwerk" came up.... and we think we don't need tell more about this legendary band...
Toni Nissl plays the drum. Since 1979 Toni NIssle was the drummer for the NDW band "Neonbabies". 1986 he was live musician for Rio Reiser and once more for Rio's live tour in summer 1990. Furthermore he played live and in the studio for Ulla Meinecke and Marius Müller-Westernhagen. Toni Nissle played also the bass during Marian Gold's first and only solo-concert in January 1999.
Yes, and last but not least there's the singer of Sputnik Roadhouse...and his name is Marian Gold.

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