„stark naked and absolutely live“
(written by FAT- Office)

Alphaville‘s live album was released in Germany and Europe on the 26th of June 2000, one day after in overseas, too.
Why is it only one CD? Wasn’t it said it will be a double-CD? Correct! But it wouldn’t be Alphaville, if everything worked as planned. During the production it turned out that not all of the recorded material was qualified for the live album.
In 1996 Marian Gold, singer of the band, said: “ A live album would be fine, unfortunately it’s so hard to realize. There are so many pop- bands on tour but there are - certainly not without a reason- a relative few number of live- albums and besides the most of them are quite bad. A concert is as best a magical moment, which is determined by the music as most important fact of course. But also by a lot of other little Events like the mood of the audience, the band, the Location and the esoteric question if the singer is in a good mood this night or not. If you isolate the music from this coherence, the result will be not satisfactory and the magical moment is missed.” (Source: Moonpaper 1/96)
Finally 13 songs met all requirements. Why 13, since there are only 12 songs listed on the tracklist. Well, there’s one hidden track, namely „Dance with me“ in a completely new version. The former Dance- track became a wonderful, melancholic ballad. This one was the crowning final of the last Alphaville concerts.
Many who already own the "Dreamscapes" Box may say, half of the songs of this live album is already released on the live- CD of the "Dreamscapes" Box. That’s correct at the first sight as well, but even only at the first sight. Who’s listing to both CD’s will notice quite soon that they are considerable differences. The songs were recorded during different tours. The recordings of „stark naked...“ are newer and you can notice Alphaville’s development as more concert- experiences they got. And the effect of the „stark naked...“- recordings is absolutely different. The Sound comes strongly to the fore and the noise of the audience in the background. Sometimes you can even forget that’s a live album.
To make a live album is very difficult. It’s very large-scale and expensive to make recordings at all. Mostly a concert is only interesting for the persons, who are there and feel the atmosphere. And you can’t burn the atmosphere on a CD.
Often you can hear only a singer, who gasps for breath, and totally over-steered sounds. Alphaville managed successful to present a new scale for a live- album.
It’s really an event and a pleasure to listen this CD. Marian Gold impressed by brilliant interpretations. You’ll see you never have seen the songs that way.
Once more they set great store at the Booklet otherwise it wouldn’t be Alphaville. Among live photos that catch the concert atmosphere very well in our opinion (May be you think in the opposite way), there are also some playing around with coded messages. Intentional we won’t decode it here in order to keep longer the mystic and the attraction.
Otherwise it wouldn’t be Alphaville.

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