Salvation reviewed by Anja Herrmann

created and translated by Anja Hermann
It isn't so easy to talk about a finished object because there has a piece of life been finished. When I wrote a text then I've got some visions on it. Then there's a person who wants to comment on it. This person tells me what he/she think about that text and in the next moment it has changed.  Everybody got other visions on it. And now just think about what happens with the songs of Alphaville- how many songs will be created of just one of them. I just want to talk about one vision of the songs from the album "Salvation".
The introduction makes "Inside out". I think that's the best song to open this album 'cos it is as if you make a journey. A journey through the time. "A hand full of hours"  that's all you've got to explain something that's impossible to explain. "Where shall I begin?" "I went into the world" what did I see? "There were stars" (people?) that helped me to find a way- my way. I've seen things that I know so well, but they're seem to be somehow changed "Flowers in a word". Words of "letters in the Rain". words that I cannot read because they're washed away. "Be my guard just for tonight" at my journey I went through shadows, darkness and rain. I passed the streets that lead to nowhere just to recognize that love is the light I've been searching for so long. But love is a danger because it destroys and you stay at a "point of (kn)ow return". "Anything goes" "Every little moment we grow up, we loose control. Perhaps some one's drop the bomb just right into the middle of your soul." and you got to get control about yourself again. But there's every indication that this age has a many faces "Hate, love, soul" "There's so much confusion" "I'm waiting for something new to come" there at the "horizon". Look back there's the past. "The train has departed"at the stream of life. "But I sit here and wonder a bit that they never wonder why..."
This album has a wonderful structure. One song seem to introduce the next one. Every song seem to prepare for the next one till you've reached the aim. I think that's "Pandoras Lullaby". That I think you could see in the songbook (look where's "Pandoras Lullaby" there you see the number 12) The 12th song is "Pandoras Lullaby". This song is the beginning of the end, that means to me. There's the past finished and the future starts.

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