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"Salvation"- super!!! When I listen to "Inside out" I'm overcome by a feeling of deepth like never before. A classical opener, great and seldom. It's a uniqe invitation to dip into Alphavilles music, to drop oneself, simple trust in what Marians voice promise (and his voice is brilliant for each song). To open soul. mind and oneself and to follow a warm light into the darkness: dive under... "Monkey in the moon" there is every indication for an ease of being , a kind of curiosity overwhelms me. Imagine to walk over a flowering meadow, rain, sun, wind, enjoy the nature, to discover the world like a child. And a rainbow with it!... When I listen "Guardian Angel", I feel helplessness, hope, yearning, the search for up to now unfulfilled things. About "Wishful Thinking" I think of a person (deep hurted and fighting like an animal against) who tries to free oneself from the own inner prison. The violins sound like saws, at the end the flight from everything around. What am I thinking about "Flame"? A fireside, a warm, restful fire, dissapeared in the flames, to find oneself reflected there. A kind of illumination, spellbound from the fire. If I listen to "Point of (k)no(w) return" I feel like water, sometimes slow, sometimes fast, sometimes loud and sometimes quite in a river on ist way to the sea. There are also obstacles to come over for a waterfall. Arrived in the sea go lost in the depth as a low ripple on the beach, arrived as a small wave. "Control" is one of my favourites, simply a hammer! Imagine to be on a big free ground in a roller coaster of life. A true intoxicating ride- buckle on! Go and shrieks! "Dangerous places" - another of my favourites. Marians voice creates atmosphere, a magically mood of darkness, gloominess, danger but also temptation- an irresistible mixture. Call for dancing into pure danger. Like sirens, who made seafarer mad and killed them. Sweet and bidder tastes extra good... "Spirit of the age" reminds me to a musical clock. "Soul messiah" opens the door into another world, I come in, it turnes around, it's an own dimension. I'm in the middle of "The neverending Story". Surprised. Enraptured. Everytime find something new. Experience some new adventures. At the end there's a slowly closed door. I have to go through...out to my own world again- even only fantasy? "New Horizons" ? That's difficult. I need to get used to it. In my opinion it's too high for singing. I think it sounds better a bit deeper. Sorry Marian. More depth would give some more warmth in my opinion. Again and again I see a picture in my head of an starlit sky. And there's a falling shooting star. Endless vastness. Oh this song! sobs, cry..."Pandoras Lullaby". An isolated twosome is dancing in a hall. Find together, go lost again, the dance of love, of longing, of fulfilment. Insanity! All in all an excellent, intimate album. Matured, with a touch to "Forever Young", lean against sooner Alphaville-times. Supreme stimulating for the fantasy. Alphaville better than ever! Bärbel from Germany

"From Prostitute to Salvation" so the saying goes..... and as a matter of fact, here i'm in front of the new neon-logo casting glances from the new alphaville product, that as usual here in Italy it was preceed from the most absolute silence and media' indifference, too busy to pump the expected Eros Ramazzotti and Laura Pausini or their depressing clones up (great, in this moment I'm having many new friends...  !), but long waited from Euphoric people like us, who were yearning it with curiousity and hopes. There is one thing that strikes me immediately: the cover design impact is pleasant and the songtexts (lucky always included!) are readable without jeopardizing a possible future use of the optic nerve of poor fellow fan, already tested by the reading (?) of the songtexts of "Prostitutes." Surely who cared about the design and the art direction has done a brilliant work; the photos on the booklet overflow as usual with simbologie, to me, hardly decipherable, and perhaps for this reason even more fascinating (does anyone is able to explain to me, what a pile of dishes on an organ stand for??). I decide to use a different method from the usual ones for the first "audition" of the album: I will let chance decide, that is in the specific the RANDOM function press buttom of my CD-player, in order to let the listening more "impartial" and calm and I will carefully avoid to follow the songtexts because what attracts me now, i must admit, are some probably new elements in sonorities. RANDOM PLAY starts, and the roulette chooses the nr. 12, the last track, and for me it is a surprise to feel a softly orchestral background being part of a cd to be announced like predominantly electronic music one (but this track will be, however, nearly the only example against the general trend): a lullaby to all the intents and purposes, an episode pervaded by tracery-works of "real" arcs and a nearly perfect vocal part, with frequent changes of expression and a musical finale (a perfect contribution also from Rainer Bloss, especially during the arrangement session, I suppose).I don't have enough time to ask myself where artist's madness can lead, when the cd-player jumps to the track nr. 7..... and there truth comes out! A completely different track and completely out.....of Control! A track that, to be honest, i have the feeling to have already listened somewhere, and even if it is full of energy and vitality, in deep it disappointed and it is indifferent to me (luckly it is the briefest episode of the album). I also find this track a little bit boring, except in the brief instrumental part, where phrasing keyboards let the waiting more pleasant. My mind, disconcerted and disenchanted, wakened up again from one of the very best tracks AV has realised in so many years and i suppose chosen as front-song: Inside Out. The beginning remembers to me some dreaming Enya atmosphere or something else from the new age music; this track is indeed magic, and i'm angry it is not be chosen as single (such a genius melodic line and such a superlative interpretation are surely deserved of credit). However Euphorics will remember it (included me, without doubt!) as one amough the very best alphavillians creations. I think that synth phrase leading to the final passage has just a few comparison in the Avs discography. It give you creeps! But let's go on: a known melody on which i had some reserves, comes to my ears: it's the track nr. 4 (Wishful Thinking): my hopes of a more soft version in compair to the one of the single are completely faded away from the coming on to the stage of a powerful devasting resonance chamber, but i appreciate the most carefull use of arcs that, as written on the booklet, are "genuine" and also used in Flame, that will be the next individualized track by the RANDOM buttom. The last thing i say about about Wishful Thinking is that the end of the song has been badly faded out (perhaps a longest period of fading out could be better) and in general it is an occasional episode in the AV singles production. A celestial harmony welcomes me suddenly in its arms..... To the production' point of view, the track nr. 5 is well edit, despite the arrangment is more than elementary and sometimes even discounted. Flame (track 5) is such a sweet song, the refrain is even tear for fears, the backings vocals enphasize the sense of absent intimacy in the heart of the protagonist. I would have prefered a change of tonality well at the end of the song and a longest lasting with more space to arcs and keyboards, but once cannot have everything… We jump now to tha track nr. 8, that begins with mysterious atmosphere and feelings of danger (Dangerous Places, note: it remembers me the style of Yello - those of "The Race", to clear) and it has stabbing-lines, with very "obstinate" keyboards (!) and a very "jungle" rhythmic section (the legs can't stand still). Short and passing by moment New Horizons (track nr. 11) it is the brit-pop parenthesis on the cd, perhaps hypnotic and hallucinogenic, but pleasant, even if it is not what i would have exactly expected on a cd announced like predominantly electronic (where do i have already written this??!). A song that instead i would have dreamed not only in this album, but in general is the track nr. 3; quickly reached by the laser and stored from my neuronis in a flash: soft-techno sonoriy, but mood and inspiration of back to the old years, turn of intuitive chords and remindable, lyric one, but flowing songtext, splendid riff of synth (some ingenues melodies of the The Twins!!! come to my mind) and good end with stacco and refrain, with Marian respectable vocal interpretation. Guardian Angel is surely one of top ingeniousness of this cd, also in its disarming simplicity.I look at the cd-player display and I realize that four songs are still there. The first to be announced to my ears is Soul Messiah (track nr. 10), song mixed directly by AV: not bad, even if it a little bit stifled by too much incessant and preponderant rhythm (I know a perhaps better version exists…) But now strikes to our eyes and to our heart Monkey In The Moon (track nr. 2), with a harp of keyboards that it is chased from a channel to the other and a jungle rhythm that gradually wins: nice, dancing, not annoyong at all. Interesting the choirs, soft guitar, some changes rhythm, good edit in percussions On the same wave-lenght it is the track nr. 9, Spirit Of The Age, that begins with notes of casual synth, it differes for the use of the falsetto, but it never results carrying away. The refrain is however of those that are not easily forgotten. Good mark in favour of the final end Last track, Point Of Know Return, is an attractive words-play and attractive passage, perhaps the sound remembers too much Michael Cretu, but with a notable and deep intro, a not fast, but powerful rhythmics thanks to the bass. It is one of my prefer songs on the cd. Great atmosphere and involving: it is perhaps the track that most approaches to "United" and it is whole particular vocal proof, but broadly overcome. While the caddy cd-player gives "Salvation" back to its owner, I think over what i was allowed to listen to and i can notice that some of my expectations have not been satisfied: as few experimentation as promotion for a cd that in conclusion is an enough commercial one. A sign of life, even if i have noticed a few "courage" in some choises. All these doubts are mitigated however from the fact that pearls like Inside Out and Pandora's lullaby are worth in buying this cd. What a shame for other episodes less dragging out… but in their way always "original".

Andrea Peluso - for Euphoria fan club
Translation by Alessandra Bertaggia

To call "Salvation" compared to the other albums just as "different", is pretty close to the truth, but finally it's a little bit unfair. "Different" means : not bad but ordinary. Things are different if it's hard to say something about. However, "Salvation" is full of wonderful and not at all of ordinary lyrics. But in my opinion it's a pitty, they are packed up much too commercial. Songs like "Guardian Angel", 2Wishful Thinking" and "Control" have suffered most for example. That's why I don't like these songs so much. The melodies are much to banal and I was soon bored from their monotony. I know for many fans "Flame" is the absolutely highlight of "Salvation". And this song is really a great ballad, but I miss the certain something, a kind of highpoint through. Anyway I really like the lyrics of the song:
"...there were times when I was down, there were times I felt so low, my whole life just seemed to be a senseless quest of energy..."
Another of my personally favourites is "Point of know return". The intro is marvellous and the atmosphere of the song is dreamlike melancholy. Equal how often I already have heard the song and will still do it, never it seems to loose only a spark of its perfection.
My second favourite of "Salvation" is "Dangerous places": a little bit bad, but wonderful electronic. Simply great!
"Inside Out" compared to 2Falme" is for me the better quite song of the album. With "Spirit of the age" I like the chorus not so much. "Soul messiah" has a very pleasant groove. It's never boring for me. And "New Horizons" is a little bit soppy. The musically varied, completely riped and that's why the obvious best song is "Pandora's Lullaby". I have no words to describe this song! So I don't try it here.
All in all ther's no reason for me to regret buying "Salvation" (Yvonne)

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