09.01.1999 Dreamscapes Release Party

There was an outcry under the AV Fans, as we got to know about the plan to make a "Dreamscapes" Release Party.
On one hand AV kept their promise for all the fans, who experienced the Friends- and Fans Party in 1996 (many didn't believe in it anymore) and on the other hand, it was THE occasion, all the fans waited for, who were not on the legendary Friends- and Fans Party.  Accordingly the resonance was great while enrolling for the party. The Release party was planned as a private party, what means only the enrolled fans were on the guestlist and authorized to enter the party.
Unfortunately one week before the great day nobody knew the exactly place in Berlin and the time of the beginning. That was the reason for many doubts. Will they cancel the party in the last second??? To say the truth, it was also very strange for us, but actually we never had doubts. We knew that AV knew, how many fans from abroad already booked their flights to and rooms in Berlin. They never had cancelled the party with that knowledge.
Good things need a while! And AV are known for their spontaneity, so three days before everything was clear. Here we want to say thank you to all our members, who called us to get this informations. We know it wasn't so easy to reach us. All the members who are attainable via Email or Fax had more luck.
And so came the 09th of January 99 - the big day!
It was absolutely impressive how many fans arrived. Special what a distance they covered and which price they paid for that journey. We're thinking to the Italian Fanclub "Euphoria" or the Scandinavian Fanclub "New Horizons",. Each of them came with 10 members, Also Angelique from the International Fanclub from the Netherlands was there and besides fans from Switzerland, Belgium or England. We don't want forget to mention that also many German fans had a long journey.
Spice Graphics & Sequential Performing, that's the name of the location where the party took place, was situated on a typical Berlin backyard. The way to this yard inspired only a little confidence. On the right and on the left side where garbages. But we found a very cosy club. Subdued light gave a great intimate atmosphere. The club was not only one room, there were many niches. There were two bars, a place for dancing and many places to sit down, rest and talk. Okay, sometimes it wasn't so easy so find someone in all this niches. But it had really a great atmosphere. Suitable to the event, the walls were decorated with posters. These poster shown the 60 pages of the booklet of "Dreamscapes". We were able to see how much power and energy special Monika put into this booklet. Unfortunately no one was able to study all these poster intensive. There were so many people in the club that no one had the chance to come near enough to each poster. Originally AV planned as surprise to raffle these poster during the night. But some fans purloin the poster before, so that the tombola was cancelled. Really a pity and AV were very sad.
To enter the club was a little bit chaotic. At first everybody had to give the jacket to the wardrobe, got a number and then we had to notice this number to the right name on the guestlist. Okay, it was also very funny. Done - everyone watched the place, looked for known faces and had smalltalk. Nearly unnoticed Bernd, Martin, Rob, Marian and the rest of the crew arrived. Like always Marian was the desired one for the most fans there. Soon he had to write many autographs. But also Martin and Bernd were very busy with talking to the fans. Other interesting persons to talk to were Monika and Tobias from Moonbase, K.P. the manager and Karin Gieselmann, who works from the very first time in Alphavilles background.
"Dreamscapes" is an evidence of the AV history of the last 15 years, so it was great there were also people, who accompanied AV on this way. We want mention Colin Pearson, who discovered AV in the beginning of the Eighties and who was the first producer of the band, Rainer Bloss, who wrote often songs together with Marian and he's also a close friend of Marian (fans call him also the 4th member of AV), Janey Diamond, known for the lyrics she wrote for AV and Marion, who answered many years all the AV fanpost.
The highlight of the night took place more or less at 11 p.m.: for half and hour they played live for us. The special feature was that some of that songs never were played live before, for example "Summer in Berlin" or "In the mood". Later Marian said, they want to play such songs now on the "Dreamscapes" tour this year. Naturally they also played "Forever Young" and "Big in Japan" and maybe you can imagine a little bit the great atmosphere if 150 real fans are out of control. It was simply breathtaking. Although there were only a few places with a good view to the stage, no one was angry or aggressive. Many fans were quite inventive and found higher places everywhere to see a little bit more. This half an hour went by much too fast. And it was strange after this performance many people left the pub. Later we got to know that about 60 persons came in for a little fee without being real fans. This ones only wanted to see the live performance. And to say the truth it was better with not so many persons in the club. The air was more pleasant and it was easier to talk. We don't want to make a secret that some fans also were disappointed. In 1996 the musicians went from table to table and talked to the people their. This time they sat in a corner next to the bar after the live session and you had to go to them, if you wanted to talk to them. And that wasn't very easy because there was only a small room and mostly there were already too many people.
But all in all it was a very successful night with many friendly people. The hours went by very fast and anyway everything was over before we could grasp it. We're sure many fans will feel the euphoria only later if they remember to that night. Now we all hope to have "Dreamscapes" as soon as possible in our hands. We could hear the stuff during this night and now it's much harder to wait for it any longer.

Thank you Alphaville for everything!

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