The F.A.T. Office are Uwe and Ilwa Drößler.

Uwe is 30 years old (16.03.70) and I`m (Ilwa) 28 years old (30.04.72). Walsleben is a little village with about 1000 inhabitants. It`s situated about 100 km in the north/ west of Berlin, directly next to the highway A24 (Berlin-Hamburg). The nearest town is Neuruppin.
We are married since November of 1993. We have a nice appartment with 4 rooms, a bath and a kitchen. On the 6th of February 1999 our son Corvin was born.
Uwe has schoolleaving examination. After that he studied some month mathematics/ geography and pedagogy. He wanted to become a teacher. But than the political changings came and he stopped the study to make an apprenticeship in a banking house. He successfully finished it in 1994. But maybe you know it`s very difficult to get a job in Germany ( and also in all the other european countries). After being without work for 6 month he started another qualification. He maked another exam for working with computers and all the things connected with offices. But he looked again more than a year for a job. Finally he found someone in a firm which produces plastic products. He's there since the 1st of April 97 and is responsible to control the products if they are okay: color, kind of material, right function, durability and so on. It's nothing what he dreamt of, but a chance. And maybe he will find a better one in the future.
How it`s with Ilwa? After 10 years school she maked an apprenticeship as computer scientist. Originally she wanted to make a study in this direction. But also this way would changed through the political changes. She started to work in an office of a tax consultant. In 1993 she decided to make also a second apprenticeship for this. Since May 96 she is also an tax-assistent. She works in an office of a tax consultant in Kyritz (35 km away from Walsleben). She`s also responsible there for the computers.
We are Alphaville fans since they started making music. Besides Alphaville we hear many other kinds of music. Especially we like X-perience, Beborn Beton, De/Vision, MESH, Anything Box, Inchtabokatables, No Decay, Stigmata, David Bowie,Welle: Erdball, Mike Oldfield, Die Toten Hosen and naturally the music of the 80ies. Uwe is a good chess player (visit his Chesshomepage under and plays also in a team. Ilwa likes to read special fantasy and science fiction (Uwe prefers also that direction) and sometimes she playes guitar and keyboard. She also created own lyrics and stories (remember to her story CELESTIAL published in the Moonpaper)
This is Ilwa and this is Uwe
Ilwa Uwe