OCEANS OF FANTASY ist for me a kind of story or trip differential absorption ratio. The first short part MUMMY twangs very strong like universe.It seams like sitting in a spaceship and starts a journey in 1:32 minutes. After that another song so called FEARFUL SECRETS OF RESURRECTION follows, also only 1:50 long. For me begins this journey in a strange feeling . The Sound remembers me to Enigma, originates strange and mystic mood. The used instrument (Panflute or similar) supports the atmosphere of transcendentaity. Finally the journey arrives at home ...a piano plays a relaxed slight melody - MEDITATION IN THE TEMPLE OF AMON .After a hard day of work and stress the best to relax. Pay attention to the playing of the piano it remembers me to Afternoons ins Utopia: meadow with lilac butterflies and sunshine come to my mind . I discover a new finings world and become overhappy. The chorus reflacts this satisfaction and fortune again. A beat lets become everything more bombastic just as you would overfoam. After this spontanious feeling of luck the song goes quieter again...now I let the new world be more aware to me but I`m not everytime able to keep the control over the great luck than sometimes the sound becomes faster again. At the end I can enjoy very aware the fortune. The next Song ISIMSIZ SEVGILIGE continues in this atmosphere . I enjoy the catnip, forget once all cares and problems and laugh amused. Because in the past I had DREAMS. I look back to my daily life. The music sounds almost threatening and enter my inside. I try to let it outside, to ignore my true wishes and to keep the grey masquerade of the daily life, but the music is stronger and put through. It`s again a panflute who tells me something and slowly I devote. I dip into the dream , forget time and space and flies weightless . slow I find favour to this dreams. At the end I have the feeling I shoukd think about me and my life. SONG OF SOLITUDE is on the other hand a very reassuring melody, almost blue, which is played from the piano .How reflectively and melancholic it is I think if I´m able to dream everything seems half so bad. Surely the wishfulness (YEARNING) remains. Again tells the piano the story, how beautiful it would be if.... This wish will always bigger, what the strong beat underlines. Besides many other instruments plays what sounds like many voices calling to the same wish. This figure repeats again and again and finally I cannot forget this dream. The next song ALPHAMANIA is unmistakably dedicated to Alphaville. Anyone who knows the feelings described before, will understand, why just at this position Alphaville is suitable exactly. It is the first meeting with Alphavilles music. It`s unprepared like love for the first look, something is moving inside me, my heart beats faster (very good displayed through the Beat), the blood appliance in flush. Now I go with Alphaville to a journey in the ANATOLIAN EXPRESS. The sound is always still so excited, like in the song before. I am in love. The sound (remembers me at KOTO) gives also the feeling to sit in a train ...nobody can stop the trip now for all the time. YOU AND I is the finale. Already the logic brings me to the aim: I found what I hunted - the love, Alphaville and satisfaction. It is at the end again the piano what plays 1:25 long : felicituosly, generally not melancholically, quiet, blessedly and peaceful it fades out.
thank you Kursat and Friends for the wonderful album.
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