How to become a member?
Our Fanclub is for everyone,
but the membership is only useful if you understand German because our Fanzine is written in German.

The member- fee is
30 DM for a calendar- year if you're living in Germany
35 DM for a calendar- year if you come from outside of Germany.

Our members get all 4th months our Fanzine "Ivorycityside".
If there are urgent informations between the releases of our Fanzine we inform them in a seperate newsletter.
Such informations can be new releases, concert- dates, TV presence or Interviews in the Radio or in papers.

Every year we make our fanclub- meeting.

Further we're open for all interesting ideas and our activities depends on the creativity of our members.

If you want to become a member write us!
via Snail Mail:
Uwe & Ilwa Drößler
Mühlenweg 168 A
D- 16818 Walsleben

via Fax:

Via Email

or call us +33920/69169

it's worth!