Greek wine on a rainy night

F.A.T.-Office To say the truth, as we left Friday afternoon our home, we weren't in the right mood for the Fanclub meeting. On one side many fans cancelled short before (they were ill or had to work) and also Joachim cancelled the attendance of 8 Scandinavians. It was a real chaos and on the other hand we were just tired and were also happy, just to be lazy at home. But mostly if you haven't the mood the event will be special nice. And that proofed true also for our second Fanclub meeting.
We arrived soon at The Youthguesthouse (YGH) and found a parking place even in front of The main entrance. We moved into our room in The 4th floor (fortunately we could used The elevator for our baggage. We had TV, CD player, videorecorder and a box with sweets with us). Okay The room wasn't luxurious. But it doesn't matter. Finally we spend here just The nights and then our eyes are closed. Rosie left a message for us. Because of a traffic jam on The highway she'll arrive only later. So we thought, we'll go to eat something. We were near to The centre so it was no problem. Already in The next street we could choose between Greek, Japanese, Chinese and Italian. We decided to eat Italian. 
Arriving on Friday evening
Rosie: Friday, September, 11 - one of those special days, when I just want to keep on a schedule: get up at 8 o´clock, come off at 10 o´clock - that should be able to manage without getting stress...
Actually, the drinks for the fan-meeting are stowed in my car and my bags stand packed in the corridor. Everything is well-organized. I´m proud of myself! ?
At the planned time to come off - I wake up. On that very day, the alarm clock let me down; even the look out the window doesn´t promise any goods: It is pouring with rain.
Shortly after 12 o´clock I bring Jürgen (my husband) to his work. When he says "bye bye" with his typical lopsided grin  ("Have fun! Take care and... don´t let strangers speak to you"?) I´m almost sorry to leave him alone for the weekend.
15 minutes later I fasten on the rear lights of the car driving/creeping in front of me, I put in a tape and now it´s rejoicing inside of me: Berlin, I´m coming!
Two hours (and a bottle of mineral water) later I need a toilet... urgently... but - I´m standing in the (first) traffic-jam. Marian Gold is just singing "What is Love", but in this moment I´m not interested in this question at all. After endless 3 km´s I´m reaching a road house and I intend, not to drink anymore before arriving Berlin. I polish off a hot dog, then I get into one of three lines of cars which are waiting to come back to the autobahn. Anytime I´m also back on the A9.
At least, it´s not raining anymore! When I pass the cause of the traffic-jam -one of countless building-sites- and nothing else was in my track for a snappy drive, ... the sky darkens and another cloudburst demands a "suitable speed". Today, Marian´s voice sounds pretty sneering ... "I´m moving..." How would I like to!
All in all I´m driving almost 8 hours long for about 500 autobahn-km´s from Regensburg to Berlin, but finally I arrive... Thanks Ilwa´s and Uwe´s description the youth hostel is easy to find. I don´t lose my way at all and even find a parking right in front of the house. That´s why I´m proud of myself once again ?
The warden of the hostel asks for my identity card and for my sign below a declaration that I´m less than 27 years old. Now it means to keep cool, to smile very friendly and ... not to hesitate to sign. You want it? - You get it!
F.A.T.-Office As we returned to The YGH one-hour later, Rosie was also there. Now we had another hour before we had to go to The airport in order to pick up Herve. Since Rosie was also hungry, we lead her to The "street of foods". 
Rosie: Ilwa and Uwe are just coming back from dinner, but for my sake the are willing to go to the Italian restaurant again. Asolutely NON-Italian, I order a wheat-beer and a pizza. I´m feeling so fine!
F.A.T.-Office And it was funny. Rosie decided also for Italian. While The waiter gave us The second time on this evening The menu, we said thank you but he knows we just ate something. He grinned and said, "thank God!"
Rosie: When I´m refreshing my tired body once again, Ilwa and Uwe go to meet a french AV-fan at the airport. Hervé comes from Orleans and he´s hoping for any AV-presence at the meeting. Poor Hervé! Let´s hope, you´ll find it worthwhile to meet "only" fans. 
F.A.T.-Office At The airport was quite chaos. All flights from Paris were too late today. We have to say fortunately, because Herves flight arrived on The most hidden gate. So we got to know nearly The whole airport by foot. And we already identified each other. We saw us The very first time and we lealized too late that we forgot The welcome nameplate, we made, in The YGH. 
Rosie: The four of us sit together in Ilwa´s and Uwe´s room - chatting in a funny language mix. I´m proudly showing my Bowie-rarities which I want to give Marian as a present via Ilwa and Uwe. It´s after midnight when we say "Good Night" to each other - very expectant for the following day...
F.A.T.-Office Before we slept we had long discussions and tried The drinks Rosie brought. Here we want to say thank you to Rosie for her support and engagement. She helped us really a lot.
Rosie: Saturday, September, 12: Ilwa´s call to awake me won´t be necessary. In this house it´s impossible to oversleep. At 6 o´clock in the morning doors are popping, screaming teenagers are reminding me of home ? and members of a folk group are discussing (just in front of my door) about Berlin sights which were worthwhile to be photographed together with their strange disguise. 
Berlin in the Rain
F.A.T.-Office  In order to get breakfast; we had to appear at half past 8 a.m. in The dining hall. That also means our night was quite short (not to forget The church tower clock, which rang every quarter). But it was raining and that was worse. Herve was The first time in Berlin and he spends 700 DM just for this weekend in Berlin. We couldn't reject his wish to see The memorials and important places of The town. Before we left the Youthguesthouse we met by chance another fan. His name was Ralph. He came from Ralf and Biankas Fanclub and wasn't announced. But since some of our members cancelled their attendance it was no problem that he came unannounced. And he was a nice friendly boy. Together we made our way in direction Kurfürstendamm (The main street in The centre). Because of The rain it was very difficult to visit The town. Any time we had The idea to take a bus for a sight seeing tour. But The first busses we found were too expensive and their tour was too long. Finally we found The right bus. There was more than half an hour till to The departure, so we wanted to visit The Europa-Center before. If we had known, that we would have missed The bus by an inch because The bus was full, we would haven't left before. So we continued walking through The rain. We showed The famous Gedächtniskirche to Herve and then we stopped for a coffee at Mc Donald's. What a coincidence! They played really "Forever Young" in The radio. A music shop was next door. Herve wished for a chance to buy old rare AV CDs. So we tried on The off chance. Well, we we're not so successful with CDs, but we we're still lucky. 
The Surprise
Our handy rang. Monika called us and gave us the information that she will go with us in the evening in a Greek restaurant and AV will pay everything. We were quite shocked about that, because we never expected something like that. She explained it was just a gesture to say Sorry. Because of their plans of the release party they had the feeling to have stolen our show for our party and so many fans cancelled because of their unorganized doing. So they wanted to say Sorry with it. We said thanks. But originally there was no need to say Sorry (we know AV well enough to know it's just a typical AV doing) but we were also very happy about this gesture, though. We told this great News to Rosie, Herve and Ralph and now our mood was as well again, even though it was raining. 
Rosie:  Ralf, a lovable Swabian (who insists not to be from Swabia but from Baden) and member of the other German fanclub, seems to know Berlin quite well, proposes a trip with the bus route 100. It´s the only route that leeds through the "Brandenburger Tor" and to other sights of Berlin.  Ilwa and Uwe like to take a rest, respectively to welcome newcomers. They go back to the youth hostel, so only three AV-fans enter the bus 100 at the "Bahnhof Zoo". Near the "Alexanderplatz" Ralf tells us to go out. We arrive to "Palast der Republik" und struggle to explain Hervé what´s "Asbest" (asbestos). In the end he understands, why we are not allowed to "admire" the inside of "P.d.R". Ralf wants to show us the "Nikolai-Viertel" (N.-quarter). When we are pushing through the market square -wet and freezing- I´m looking at what I need right now: sunflowers! I´m buying the most beautiful one and - suddenly - the sun shines under my umbrella and it´s not that cold anymore. My two companions wonder a little bit and it seems they are a bit embarrassed about me, but then they get used to that change of the weather. Suddenly all the people in the streets are smiling to (or about?) us. Hervé even wants to take a photo together with the sunflower and the umbrella. "Unter den Linden" we get into a demonstration, but the demonstrating people don´t want my sun, but more jobs in Germany.  On our return trip we are very amused about the announces of the bus driver. The other passengers are amused about me. I´m sitting there - the sunflower in one hand, the umbrella in the other hand - the tears (from laughing) are runnig down my cheeks and my mascara isn´t waterproof... Now Hervé and Ralf are really embarrassed by me, but they stay on my side so bravely till we are back to the youth hostel.
timid start at the Youthguesthouse
F.A.T. Office At 5 p.m. we met Ralph, Herve and Rosie again in the YGH. We just visited the room we booked for the meeting and prepared everything (TV, music and video, drinks and so on). Than the first fans arrived: Bernd, Sonja and Martin, another not announced fan from "Voice of The dolphins", Yvonne, Kristin, Michael, Burkhard (who returned just today from 4 weeks holiday in US), Ralf and Bianka. We missed a fan from Berlin and two others. The mood was very calm in the beginning. It changed as Monika came and brought us to the Greek restaurant. As we announced that's an invitation of AV, everyone was out of control. We left a description of The way to The restaurant at The reception so that all The missing fans can find us, too. Our handy rang again. It was Alessandra from Italy. She sent The best wishes from The Italian Fanclub for our party by phone. We were really happy and surprised. But it wasn't The biggest surprise of The night. 
The Sensation Were sitting in the Greek restaurant for a short time, when I hear Monika saying to Ilwa: "Just turn around and look...". Even though Monika didn´t speak to me (but I´m a curious nature) I´m turning my head, too... Marian! My very next look goes to Hervé. He looks so happy. Yes, I´m also happy,  ... 
We sat cosy together in The restaurant happened something... we haven't any world for it. Marian came!!!! Really, he joined our party. We think we haven't to say anything more about it. Let us describe Herves reaction. He met Marian for The very first time in his life. He certainly hoped that something like that can happen, but originally he didn't venture to think closer about it. His eyes were so bright and he took millions of photos. He couldn't stop to take photos from Marian. Anyway it ways The best of The night to see Herve so happy. 
Rosie: "Uwe! If I had the "Bowie- treasures" right here...!!! I´m running back to the youth hostel... Yvonne ? and Christine ? run with me. A little later I get the possibility to give Marian my "treasures" myself and to chat with him for a while. If I didn´t feel so special anyway, it would be absolutely clear right now: I´m a lucky child!
F.A.T. Office The hours went by very quickly. We got a delicious dinner. Everybody had The chance for a Smalltalk with Marian and everybody used this chance, we think. It was simply wonderful. Finally also Claudia, Matthias and Christoph arrived. We already waited so much for them. Marian and Monika left at midnight, because they had still to work for ANTHOLOGY. We stayed for a while in The restaurant. But we have to left also half an hour later, because they closed. Actually it was a very inconvenient moment. We knew The YGH closed The door at midnight and opened than only every full hour for some minutes. But we made it to The YGH yet. And we have to thank also them. They let us inside though. And they let everyone inside, not only the ones who slept there. And we continued our party till 3 in the morning. We talked, watched video and listened music. It wasn't easy to say Good- bye. But we all knew any time we had to stop. It remains The view of our next meeting. We exactly know, no of our next parties will be like this party. It was unique and we will not expect that AV will repeat it. But that's also not The most important. We do our meetings for ourselves in order to meet each other and to spend a nice time. That'S The basically sense of our fanclub meetings. The meeting of 1998 will be something special forever and everybody who was there will keep it in The memory.
F.A.T. Office We slept just some hours. This night was shorter than The last one. We had to left our rooms already at 9 a.m.. We used The breakfast together to have a lasting effect of The last night. We wrote postcards to various fans all over The world. And then came The departure. Everybody left in another direction, tired but happy and revelled in memory for a while.
Rosie: Sunday, September, 13: farewell... Let me hug you. Bye Ilwa, bye Uwe, bye all AV-fans, bye Berlin... I want to meet you again soon!
At first I miss the road to the autobahn and learn some more about Berlin. Nice quarter - did´t see it yesterday... In spite of  the new impressions I should turn and go home. Today, everything runs very speedy. It´s amazing - no lorries, no traffic jam, no cloud-burst. Near Halle I order a second breakfast (incl. real coffee) in a road house. Hey, what a noise!? Mother and daughter are just coming out of the toilet. Little daughter is crying and stamping with her feet like "Rumpelstilzchen" (figure in a Grimm´s fairy tale) "Dodile!!! Wanna have Dodile!!!!!" Mummy says (still softly): "That´s not a crocodile, dear. It´s only a soap or anything else" Little girl continues roaring and stamping. The Red of her beautiful hair doesn´t fit to the Red of her face at all. Mum changes the colour of her face, too. Now, both are red: Daughter from rage, Mummy from shame. Young mother seems to interpret the expression of my face very well. I feel shamelessly well (my children´s phases of obstinacy are just memories). Anyway, the young lady tries to kill me by evil looks. I better leave that scene ... At the toilet I see "Dodile"! A colorful picture on an automat - green condoms ("crocodile skin"). When I go back into the cafeteria I try hard NOT to grin, but the "red family" left in the meanwhile anyway. I start my car and now I´m really looking forward to my "3 boys"...
F.A.T. Office
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