Since weeks we prepared ourselves. Today the time has come...our first fanclub meeting. We feel a bit queasy. Will everything finally be how we imaged ? In the last days our telephone ringed more often. Many fans called us again to inform us that they will come or that they are totally destroyed because they can't. They have to work. At noon as Ilwa closed the door of the office behind her, she tried to imagine how it will be to meet Alessandra in some hours. It wasn't the first time, but it was still difficult to believe. It's like a culture-shock. If Alphaville fans come together another world opens its doors. Slowly Uwe awaked while Ilwa put the rest of the things into the bag: videos, musicrecorder, Fanzines, map, nibbles, drinks... The night before he was at nightshift. Smiled he said:" the upcoming nights will be probably also nightshifts". It was 5 p.m. as we arrived in Berlin-Tegel. We found at once the right place of the hostel. It was an old big building, reminds us to a school or boarding school. It wasn't directly at the mainstreet so it was quiet. Around the house were some trees and green meadows; all in all very pleasant. Before we entered we had to go to the next market to buy some non-alcoholic drinks. We hadn't so much time, because Bärbel said she will be arrived at the early evening. One hour later we went into the hostel. Anja was already there. After a warm "hello" we unpacked our things. We went to a room near the entrance (we hoped to see everybody who came in) and talked a lot about our guys.From time to time we watched to the clock: we still missed Bärbel. Then Anja felt hungry. We decided to go to the near snack booth. At the staires we met Michael. So we realized we haven't watched intensive enough to the entrance. He accompanied us to the snack booth. Full we returned and hoped to meet Bärbel now. But negative. But no time to fell in sorrows, Alessandra was approaching to Berlin. It was so great to embrace her again, already the second time this year. And who came with her? Really, it was Bärbel. But she came not from Italy, but had experienced a real adventure though. We were happy that everyone was arrived now. That called for a drink! We didn't notice that the hours passed by so fast. We talked and laughed enthusiastic about AV. Even if the official meeting will start only tomorrow for us it has already started. It was 1 a.m. as we decided to sleep some hours. Bärbel said appropriate :" we will never find an end..."

We don't need an alarm clock. We were so nervous that we awaked very early. We were in a good mood at breakfast, too. Without intention Michael had a little show. We have to explain at first that you couldn't reach his room directly from the corridor. Behind the door at the corridor, where normally are the rooms, was here another corridor with 4 doors. And there was his room. We all thought Michael would be the only one there so we locked up the door to the other corridor. Suddenly while we had our breakfast, a man in pyjama came to the dining room. He asked if anybody would have his room also there. He was under the shower (in a seperat room) and cannot return because the door is locked. Be bursted out into laugh and joked that the man was lucky to take his pyjama with him to the shower, otherwise... After breakfast we got the key to another room we could use for our party.It was in the cellar. We took all the things we needed with us downstairs and had a first look to the room. There was a TV and a videorecorder. We put the tables together. So we could see each other while sitting there and had also place enough to dance. At the blackboard we had to write down that we are at an Alphaville Fanclub meeting here and everybody signed. But now we had to hurry. We won't be the last ones arrive the meeting point in Berlins centre. As we reached the cafe Adlon already some other fans awaited us. Because of the cold we went into the cafe. There was place enough but the waitress don't looked so happy. While we waited for the rest we had some teas or coffees and get to know each other. We also planned what to do in the next hours in the city. Finally we took the train to the Alexanderplatz. We went into a music store and then we went on the top of the TV tower. From there you can have a view of Berlin. As we went up it started to rain. So we had the occasion to see a rainbow growing from the ground of Berlin into the air. It was breathtaking. We never have seen a rainbow from this perspective before. As we return on the ground again the sun came through the clouds and the rain stopped. All together we returned to the hostel now. We stopped only one time at a station. We've heard there should have been some placards of "Salvation". We would like to take a photo of us in front of this placards. But it was too late. Already some other placards sticked over. After all our luck something must be out of our plans. It was the videorecorder :it doesn't work. Hours by hours we tried to get a signal on the screen, but than we resigned. What a pity! We've already planned which video we would like to see. And we had so many videos there. We count on a working videorecoder since the responsible person of the hostel suggested us there's a videorecorder and we can use it. If we would knew that before we would have taken our own videorecorder. Okay it pressed down our mood for a while and we have learnt for the next meeting. We saw photos. old articles, Fanzines, listened much music. Naturally most Alphaville but also other bands like And One or De/vision. Some fans danced. The hostel prepared a cold buffet for dinner. It wasn't luxury, but it had everything we needed. And it was cheap and we had not to care about clear the dishes. We wrote a short letter to Marie from United States (hello Marie!). Bernd bought for her a copy of the Salvation album and we wanted to send her our greetings. By the way "Salvation" was the AV-album we prefered to listen this night. Bärbel and Anja were a good team. Both created a real artistical work at the black board. They maked a drawing about each of Alphas songs there. Later they explained it to us. Another highlight came short after midnight (but some already left our party). A member of our club -Ingo- couldn't come to our meeting. His father died short before. But he has a favourite radiosession and you can send greetings by phone over the radio. So he sent greetings to us and wished the maxiversion of "Jet Set". And they really played it! What a night! Originally we also wanted to send regards to him, but it was already too late. But this highpoint was the best final for our meeting. About 2 a.m. we went to bed. We have to admit that we really were tired. It was the second night we partied and we were satisfied now.

Another breakfast: naturally we joked about the man in the pyjama. We were in a special mood. But we weren't sad (althought we knew soon we would have to say Good-bye), more we enjoyed the time and were again quite enthusiastic. Alessandra was impressed. She said, now she was at the Scandinavian meeting and the Faithful and true meeting, maybe it's time for the Italian fanclub to organize a meeting. And we joked that maybe one day we all will go to a meeting of the Indonesian fanclub. Why not? And we realized that AV has fans also at places so far away. And in our enthusiasm we also could believe to have one day an artic fanclubmeeting... okay we were just in fever and crazy... Than we noticed that the "normal" persons at the tables around also started to speak about Alphaville. Probably we attract their attentions also because of our Av T-shirts. We were very happy about this. But we couldn't stop the time to hinder the farewell, so we can only wait for the next meeting. There will be certainly once more such an event!

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