Interview with Martin Lister
(this interview is taken by the Alphaville fanclubs worldwide)

I have been a professional musician since age 18yrs, for the last 5 yrs I have been envolved with Alphaville as their musical director and keyboard player.
This also envolves programming sequences used in the live show, and some studio work on new tracks also. I have written with Marian, and hope to co-write some songs for the next album. He is not difficult to work with, but has a strong idea of what he wants, both live and in the studio.
Bernhard is more of a writer and programmer, so "playing live" isnt easy for him, he is better off working in the studio. I did'nt replace Ricky or anyone else, I was introduced to Alphaville by Nick Beggs, who was originally to be the musical director, but couldnt commit at that time.
I can't comment on KP as this is none of my/your buissness!.
I hope we can come and play in France soon, watch this space and keep forever young.
Warm regards, Martin.

Noone is mentioned by name in the cd. Who has been involved in the project? Who is the singer?
The songs on the "Earcandy" cd were written by me and Angie Giles, who also sings the songs, this info should be on the cover, if the cd is purchased! please do!!.
 I have your "ear-candy", and have listened for it several times now. The best song is in my opinion is 8/10. What does that mean? Also what song are your personal favourite and why?
8/10 means 80% ie 8-out of 10, the meaning is in the lyric, about boys falling for girls who write songs for them!! and vice-versa.
Especially 8/10 sounds "SADE"-alike. Is she a source of inspiration for you? What other artists inspire you?
Sade is not an influence, more Dido/Massive Attack really, and older stuff like stealy Dan and Peter Gabriel.
As Alphaville started touring in 1995 there was an introduction of each supporting livemusician in the Alphaville Fan Magazine "Moonpaper". About Martin it was written that he has his own band named "The Concress" and also an own label named "Riff Raff Records". We never have heard anything about the band or the label or any releases, neither before his work for Alphaville nor since then. We're interested to hear what happend to the band and the label? Are they still existing? Are there any releases???
 "The Congress" ( check the spelling!!) were around from 1983-1987, we signed a deal with EMI in 1986, and recorded about half an album. There was a release called "Contract of Faith" which you may find somewhere in a record sale!!, we split in 1987.
 Riff Raff records was a good idea, but was too expensive to run as a label so is on hold at the moment, perhaps it will come back to life one day!!.
AV changed different musicians during their tours, you still remain a kind of "institution" for AV concerts: how was your relationship with the
rest of the live musicians??
Yes I am a long standing member, I'm not sure if thats a good or bad thing?, but I get on well with all the other members, and still see most of them. Hope thats cool for now, enjoy Earcandy, and thanks for the time to ask me some things, cheers, Martin.

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