ALPHAVILLEs liveband (once and today)
Drums, Percussions - Shane Meehan (today)
lives in london,  studied drums with father tony meehan (of the shadows fame). left  art college to tour and record for matt fretton. joined london funk band microgroove in early 1990 and brighton's beats international in 1992. worked for eusebe, speed rapper jc 001, freddie jackson, dc lee and american soul duo charles & eddie. between 92 and 97 toured extensively with many artists including ottis redding iii, opera singer andrea botcelli, british soulman noel mcoy and american rappers us3. recorded for producers norman cooke (fatboy slim, freakpower), mike mcevoy (sting, steve winwood), jamie laing (tina turner), glen skinner (toto). between 97-98 toured and recorded for definition of sound , blur's new signing liz horseman and british rnb diva elisha laverne. current home recording
  projects have led to pc based games music and various ventures.  featured extensively on twiddly bits midi file collection.
keyboards - Martin Listor (today)
Martin He is 33 years old, born in Presco U.K. Martin plays keyboard since he was 12 years old and learnt it by himself, that means he had no classic music apprenticeship He played for many several artists like Julia Fordham, C.J.Lewis, Rage, 400 Bows and now for Alphaville. Besides he has a record contract with his own band "The concress" at EMI, he produces dance tracks for his own label "RiffRaffRecords".
Martin came in the begin of 1995 to Alphaville and now he's there the musical director and keyboarder. He works very close with Marian if they bring in the live versions of all the Alphaville songs.
guitar - Christian Marsac (today)
he was born in france in 1965, where he received a full classical musical education. moved to london in 1985, playing sessions for budding artist. he soon got his break with Terence Trent D'arby, touring with him halfway around the world for three years. After working for Alison Moyet (playing electric and acoustic guitars and singing strong backing vocals on tours around europe and the us) he toured with the australian guitar band Diesel, supporting acts such as prince and Tina Turner  in germany. More recently he has toured with ant & dec in the uk and played on a couple of their hit singles. He has played sessions for Richard Stannard on projects for the spice girls and gary barlow. Other artists Christian has been involved with, either for live, recording or tv and video work include connor reeves, another level, 4 Hero and Mary Coughlan. Chris

drums - Robbie France (once)
born in England, he emigrated to Australia with 10 years age. As he was 14 years old he started to make music professional. He toured with many Australian bands, but also with international artists, like John McLauglin or the Drifters. He co-operated in 3 soundtracks for movies, 10 documentations and hundred of TV- and radio-themes as well as in advertising spots. In the year 1983 he returned to England. He worked for instance with Simon Philips, Steve White, Mel Gaynor, Gary Husband, Winnie Colainta and he toured across whole Europe. His first appearance in England took place at the Castle Donnington's "Monsters of Rock" - festival with the Heavy Metal Legend "Diamond Head" - after he played with "U.F.O." and at soloprojects of members of Duran Duran, Spandau Ballets and Van Morrison. He was co-founder of the popband "One nation", before he played for "Ellis, Beggs and Howard". After his session for E.B.H. came in 1990-91 recordings for an album and a tournee with "Wishbone Ash". 1991 he gone again back to Australia to initiate his first soloproject "The Gas". He only returned in 1994 to England to found one of Englands newcomer bands "Skunk Anansie". In April 1995 he left "Skunk" and got at once the day after a new engagement at "Alphaville" Robbie

percussions - James Mack (once)
In 1997 James came for Robbie


bass - Alex Slavik (once)
nickname: The Men Mountain because of his tallness, the mountains in his homeland Austria and the big-food-mountains he's able to eat). He moved in January 1995 to London. He studied Music science in Vienna, and decided after to become a musician in England. In his opinion that was the place where all his musically-heroes were. But the jolliest was that now he plays for a German band ;)
Former activities: played for thousand of unknowing Austrian bands, wrote songs, produced, sang in his little room. Since 1997 Alex isn't in the liveformation anymore.
guitar - David Goods (once)
he started to play the guitar in the age of 10 years, but in that time more classical guitar. He said: "One day I saw a friend walking in the street. He carried a suit case and I knew in it must be an electric guitar. I remembered I said to myself: you will have also such a guitar once." His early influences were naturally the "Rolling Stones" and the "Beatles" and "The Electric Light Orchestra". He played with several garage-bands of his town, without success but with much fun. 1986 he played at the first time in a professional band - "The boogie brothers". They played Music from the Blues Brothers Movies and were dressed like them, cool not!!! Since then he worked with East 17, PJ& Duncan, sean Maguire, Kym Mazelle, Luke Goss, Bonnie Tyler, Barry Manilow. He also played on Marians soloalbum "United". For a short time he broke his guitar playing for Alphaville because of a contract for Babylon Zoo. In that period for him came Rob Harris. But now David is back again:) David
guitar - Rob Harris (once)

From till 2000 Rob is definite in Alphavilles live band instead of David .