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AV frequently asked questions of Michael Carroll
another German Fan club
:Homepage of the italian fan club "Euphoria"
2nd page of the italian fanclub:

French Fan club 

:Homepage of Terry Foster

Turkish fan club SMI²LE Homepage of Kursat
Fanclub FLAME : Netherland Fan club 
Russian Fan club ALPHAWHALES:S
Lady Bright's HOME: marvellous russian website
Welcome to my little Hideaway :Homepage of an Indonesian Fan

RaGeVille: Homepage avaiable in german or english
Zauberwald:Homepage of Nicole Luck
another personal Alphaville Page :Homepage of Matthias Böhmer
 Secret gardenHomepage of Alexandra Wesche, of course she's an Alphaville fan
personal homepage of Mathias Härdin NEW!
listen to the music made by Kursat Pasinlioglu NEW!
Alphaville en Espanol
The new side of the fan club for Brazil- Argentina
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