Johnny Klimek- the star behind the stars

Perhaps the ancients from you remember his name. He was one of the OTHER ONES. They had their

biggest hit in 1987 with "Holiday". They produced this song in the Lunapark. In the past he worked also with his twin sister Jayney (she sang also in the backround of "Lassie come home") and his brother Alf. aboriginal they are coming from Australia. In their musical career the Berlin musicians Andreas Schhwarz-Ruszczynski, Uwe Hoffmann, Stephan Gottwald and Christian Brandt supported them. But what's happened with Johnny? A report of a local TV station answered our questions in December 1996.

Johnny Klimek is a composer for filmmusic. In the end of the 80s he was one of the founders of Techno. He was producer for Paul van Dyk and Dr. Motte, the prophet of the Love-parade. At the moment they are working in Johnnys studio at a new project. Motte cannot imagine a better producer than Johnny: "because he's open to anything. And I can realize my ideas with him. I don't know many who are so open like him."

Johnny:" To say the truth for me the time to go out to the Technoclubs is over, for me personally. How ever. I'm not interesting in it anymore. But I like to work together with creative people. It's difficult to describe what I'm producing. I started with popmusic. I though popmusic would be the world. Till somebody said to me there are also other kinds of music on this world." Next being a producer Johnny is engaging as producer for videos to spread Anglo-Saxon-humour all over the world. "That's one of my favourite artist I produce: We just cut a new video and I want that you have seen it. It's brilliant. Look at this." The "Scotish cult-star" found some faults at the video. it's simply too commercial. (At the screen you can see a completely crazy man, make a sound like a bath-tub. It seems as the man on the camera would dance to it.) In the real life this artist is named Alf, was sooner the man on the guitar of the band Spliff and he's Johnnys brother. Nearly he can't believe that he can sell such a kind of videos"! We try to sell it on the official market. And the greatest joke is that we are really able to sell such a shit. It's really okay", says Alf and is laughing.

Johnny:" I don't think that I had to stay here if I wouldn't be creative. I like what I experienced here, simply to be in Berlin. To be coming from the other side of the planet and to learn to stay alive in a foreign country." He's a regular customer in a wine-restaurant and is investing there a great part of his income. Well-groomed roof of the mouth-joy is a balance to the fast music-business he won't renounce. The past-master Nina Hagen picked Johnny for playing the bass. Once he started his career with playing this instrument. Next Nina there are some more iridescently power-women in Johnnys life. We visited Gudrun Gut, the queen of the glamour underground in her Ocean club. Johnny is working together with her and produced her youngest duet with B.Bargeld. Gudrun Gut: "we're working together since 1987/88 and I like working with him. We are a very well co-operating team, because he's coming more from the side of a musician and I'm an artist from the experimental side."

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