(written by Alexandra Wesche, translated and adapted by F.A.T. Office)

Like every afternoon Tommy went outside in order to play together with his friends. But he decided to take today the short cut through Patricia's Park even if the adults forbid it enough.
The gate at the entry looked dilapidates just as no one opened it for centuries. Despite time left it marks it was obvious once it must have been very beautiful. Gentle he touched the lock and suddenly the gate opens of it’s own accord. He went inside and saw a dense wood in front of him. The trees were tall and it was nearly impossible to see the sky above but the atmosphere of the wood wasn’t dark yet. Tommy wasn’t scared.
After a while the wood was thinning out and the trees became bushes.  From a distance he noticed a figure. He recognised it was a girl about his age. She was wearing a long white dress and was playing a trumpet. Obviously she was very sad and lonesome. Tommy asked her for her name. For a second she cut playing her trumpet and breathed “Carol”. Immediately she continued playing. Tommy listened for a while and asked: “why do you play always the same sad melody?” Lost in her mind she looked at him and said: “I try to tell a story about the mysteries of love and the wonders of the world to the people, but no one listen carefully:” She continued playing again and looked away. Tommy carried on but turned round once more as suddenly the music stopped. The girl was vanishing into thin air.
Soon he reached a small brook and followed its course. Far away he saw something glittering and he thought it’s the brook that ends into a little lake. But as he came nearer he noticed it was a big mirror in front of a wall of rock. He stopped astonish. How can it be? The brook can’t flow into a mirror. But he also couldn’t find any gap. Suddenly the mirror was getting very light and an angel came out.  Tommy stepped back frightened and looked nonplussed at him. As he just started to say something the angel said: “ Don’t ask me questions. At first I have to show you something.” He touched the mirror and consequently the surface became blurred. Gradual a clear picture was in sight. It was a cruel sight: explosions, burning houses, crying people and a lot of men with weapons... then the mirror became black. Now Tommy looked shocked at the angel and asked:” What was that? Why did you show me something like that?” The angel answered sad: “That’s the world in that you’re living. You only haven’t seen it yet. But wait till you will be grown- up...”
Tommy cut his speech and furiously he shouted out. “If that’s true I don’t want to grow up. How can I live in a world like that?” The angel sad with a calm voice: “Follow me and I can spare you this future. I can carry you into a land, where that’s out... a land far, far away from here.”
Tommy only nods his head. The angel embraced him and together they flew away over the rocks, wide valleys and deserts till the sea was seen at the horizon. The angel flew lower and finally they landed ashore where a dolphin already awaited them. On parting the angel said:” The dolphin will bring you into a fantastic world with out grief and pain, a world full of wonders. That’s the land of the gentlest creatures that are existing.” The dolphin took Tommy upon his back and they swam – no, it seemed as if they would fly over the wide blue ocean towards to the rising sun.
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