Alexandra: where are you living presently?
Christian: In London.
Which kind of music do you like?
I like everything, nothing definite.
How did you approach to Alphaville?
K.P. called me.
How do you like working with Alphaville?
I like the show very much, but Iím still learning. Itís still quite new for me.
What are your hobbies?
Photograph . I love taking pictures, and to take care of my kids as well. 
What do you like not at least? 
Wrong kindness and ignorance. 
If you could change something in the  world, what would you change? 
Share out the money more fair.
Where was the largest audience you played for? 
In Germany with the Australian band ĄDieselď. We were the support-act of Tina Turner and Prince. There were ca. 100 000 people.
Whatís your wish for the future?
More concerts with Alphaville.
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