Interview with Marian Gold
by the French Fanclub "Streetside Romeos"
asked after the concert in Paris 1999
About the concert; where was Bernard ??? Too much French wine ?! 
..Bernhard stayed in Berlin. He´s a very introverted person. He likes the seclusion of a studio.  He likes to have everything under control. Therefore he hates concerts. He joined us on tour a  couple of times and he enjoyed  talking to the fans, though he thinks, musically, he cannot achieve anything  on stage but only in a studio. 
Could we expect one day the presence of Echolette during a French concert or for a European meeting like SLC? 
..The future contains everything, even the impossible. I wouldn´t mind to have him around on a concert, but in a way he´s the same sort of guy as Bernhard. The stage is not his universe. ..SLC just felt great. Hopefully we´ll do it again another time another place. 
A pity that your idea to visit Paris with fans was lay out....may be next time. So you visit Paris ? You like Paris ? 
..Oh yes I do. I´d been there many times. A unique place. I´m gonna live there one day. 
FRANCE, what does it mean for you.... personally and professionally ? 
..Absinthe, Air, Bains-Douche, Birkin, Boulevard Poissonière, Brando, Brel, Camus, Chanel, Charles-de-Gaulle, Cathérine Deneuve, Concorde, Couperin, dogshit, Dumas, été, falling stars, France Gall, Gainsbourg, Gauloises, George V., girls, Godard, good food, Jules Verne, Hemingway, Jim Morrison, Josephine Baker, Les Negresses 
Vertes, L´Hotel, lovely language, Louis XIV, Luc Besson, Max Ernst, Moebius, Molière, Nostradamus, Oscar Wilde, Paradis Latin, Pastis, Père-La-Chaise, Piaf, Picasso, Poe, printemps, Renoir, Satie, St. Germain, Saint-Ex, Salvador Dali, Shiseido,10cc,  XXX Plus, Veronique, Wine, Yves Tanguy. 
Was it important for you to rent a house in France to write Salvation ? Is there a special quality of working or inspiration in this house ? How did you work there ? 
..If I look back at it, it was important, although I didn´t know during the time I was working there. It just seemed to be another album-production. We weren´t very well prepared, had no songs, no lyrics, no ideas about what we were going to do. Rick had bought a house nearby the place that we rented later on. To me, it was a good opportunity to escape the Berlin maelstrom for a while. But then again, all the songs, with the exception of " Pandora" and "Inside Out" had been written there and I think we did a pretty good job on them. Les Landes is probably not the most beautiful area in France, but its bareness, the solitude of its flat lands, the almighty, infinite
Atlantic ocean, the storms and rains during autumn and spring and the incredible heat in June, filled with all the enticing elements of the summer, played an important inspirational role. I remember singing "Life Is King" at the top of my voice, after writing the lyrics during a run at the beach to the drumming of my heart and the rhythm of my body-movements. Only the fresh ocean air made it possible that my voice could reach out into such unbelievable heights. People often ask me: how do you write a song, what is important for your insparation? That is impossible to describe.You can write songs literally everywhere you are, but the environment adds a good deal to
the nature and the character of the results. The ambience configurates your mind in a new way, but it can only bring up things that are already in your imagination. It´s teasing your brain and then it spices it up.
For example tell me about these songs....or over if some souvenirs come in you mind...the idea, writing, research, stories.....In the Mood / Heaven or hell / Euphoria / Flame / Inside Out
"In The Mood" is probably about growing up, losing friends, being afraid of the future etc. Jacky is a kind of sentimental fool, a mixture of Hitchcock´s Norman Bates whose mother´s still living somewhere in the upper store of his pretty sick brain and somebody, who´s standing on the roof of a very tall building, unsure if he should jump or enjoy the view. We had just signed our first record deal at that time, so I guess the song had something to do with it. "Heaven Or Hell" is another quite personal song. Somebody has just died and you´re suddenly getting aware of how much you actually loved the person. The world turns into tragic place where laughter and tears are so close together. The next song is a long farewell. I wrote it in ´89 (this Version is on DS, bearing the title "Waves"), then changed the chordstructure with Rick in ´93 till it became the song we know as "Euphoria". It´s probably the sequel to "In the Mood", but this time, it´s about rebellion against fear
(of existence). My observation is that many people have really bad problems in letting go their past. They cling to it like drowning men. I deeply believe in the art of
leaving. I mean, leaving when something is over. Accepting it. Searching for new grounds instead of slowly going down with the rotten interior of your past. - "Flame" is just a love song. One cold November afternoon I was sitting in the kitchen, the only heated room in our house at Magesq facing the dramatic problem of not having the slightest idea for an appropriate line for the chorus of a song yet still unnamed, staring at the tiny blue flame flickering in a little window at the front of the gas-heater opposite my table. It took me about 3 hours till I finally got the clue..; "Inside Out" was basically done in Berlin. Rick and Bernhard came around one day and
played me a rough demo with the music and the wonderful melody in the M-8-part. I fell in love with this song immediatly. I thought there´d be millions of exciting ways to sing it. The problem was, to choose from those millions of versions...till I finally found out that there was only one..and no choice.
And what about Nostradamus....
I prepare an article about it with a professional of history but could  you please help me a little. You sing so slowly that it is hard to make difference with The lyrics are verses from Michels "Centuries", they´re reprinted in the DS Booklet. They weren´t preselected for the occasion. I simply opened the book, and, while the music
was playing, sung what I happened to read. I must admit that I´m a fan of Michel´s works for quite a while but the more I get into the subject, the more I am convinced that what he wrote were  n o t prophecies but a very complicated system of riddles and playful enigmas, connected to events of his past, actual political topics of his present time and - maybe - extrapolations about what possibly might happen in the future if one considerates carefully the nature and state of humanity.
All these aspects add up to a , as I think, most fascinating, yet unkonwn continent in the world of literature, worth to explore it. And that´s what I´m doing from time to time.
There are French words in 3 other songs, H or H, 20000 and Nostradamus. Why did you choose French and English than Italian or German for example in HH and 20000 songs.
English is the basic language for me as a singer. I think it´s cool, good sounding and I´m good in it. Anyway, I don´t question that anymore, it was a decision I took long ago, and I´m grateful for it, because it enabled Alphaville to speak to people all over the world. When I am talking to fans in different countries or via the internet, we´re talking in English anyway. But there´s no doubt that there are languages, which are probably more beautiful sounding than English. French is one of them.
Faith, Anyway, H or Hell, Patricia's P, Dangerous P, are from very different styles of music. Find them very good.
People who listen reggae find 'faith' marvellous,  ones who listen jazz love 'H or Hell' and 'Anyway'.You made them just for fun  or because you want to keep an eclectic style ? During every music-production, there comes the moment, when the song starts to "speak" to you, telling you, what you have to do with it. When I start writing a song, I scarcely know, how it´s gonna be. There are so many possibilities in parallel worlds (as DS shows very clearly). So I´m happy to understand, what the song has to "tell" me. And then I follow it.
Did you often made some duos examples. Do you think that alphaville miss a feminine touch or in contrary you think that there is a sufficient feminine touch?
I don´t plan things like that. They happen..or not.
Do you project something with other bands or singers, albums, tour... ?
For you without Echolette working with you, could it make a big difference in your future works?
I don´t think so.
You seem to plan a second you plan a video compilation too ?
At the moment we´re working on a Video performing the Alphaville-Concert in SLC.
Is there an after W.E.A.; which is your global strategy and what are you expecting for France ?
First France, then the world.
Are you waiting something special from fans and members of fanclubs ? From French fanclub? Internet?
I like talking to them. It´s inspirational. I hope they have a great time too.
What about dogs in your your personal life ? And especially about this mighty Moondog ...
I do like dogs. Mao Moondog was the master of creative chaos. My "daimon" at the time when I was travelling Utopia. Meanwhile, I have become agnostic.
Now, I am "Moondog" myself.
What do you think about relation between human and others animals ? The plants?
Schizophrenic situation. Some we eat, some are our friends, some eat us...maybe we should eat less of our possible friends. And for the plants: When I was a little boy, living at my father´s place, I gave names to all the trees in our garden. - Some people throw away their indoor-plants when they´re moving. I could never do this.
The prostitute cover seems to show the prostitution....the prostitute, the teeth of her guardian, and the customer looking down in the you agree ?, maybe it´s all in there. But the basic point is the situation of the artist in general. As such, you always prostitute yourself somehow to one or the other degree. You´re selling things which are almost impossible to measure by money. So does the whore. What is the exact value of a song?, a painting??, a novel??. It´s purely fictional. Just make the most out of it.  Frank Zappa said: We´re only in it for the money. I guess, that´s meant to be a self-ironical line. But it´s also very true. Money plays an overimportant role in the world of Pop-Music, and not always a negative one. It organizes things. Declaring myself as a prostitute makes things clear.
"Soulman" (on "United") is my comment to this subject: Artists are prostitutes...record companies are whore-houses...CD-buyers are customers.
Marian , your voice from the eve of alphaville to songs like Inside out, Pandora or  fools (faithful) had change. It is natural, or did you work hard with professional help ?
It´s just natural.
Have you got an aim for your voice, for you as a guest singer ?
To KP, usually, how many mails in your mail box ?
I would say around 50 to 80 and growing.
Who choose the songs in an album, for bothsides, for remixes, the singles... from the WEA time to now ?!
It´s always our choice.
How do you make the choice for the songs of the French concert, the 'Rappels' in the end. Were you happy about this concert, about us ?
The songs weren´t specially chosen for the Paris concert. They were part of the program we played at that time. And we had a great time, especially in Paris.
Have you something special to say to French fans..
You´ve been all wonderful. I hope we´re coming back soon. Thank you, guys!
In the end I just want to propose you a joke, I write a word and you replied the one which came in  your mind :
.Gods..........................long gone
.Marilyn Monroe..........Babe alone in Babylone
.Money........................Good Fun
Dreamers....................get close
.Alphaville...................City Of Dreams
.Car..............................T. Rex

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