Fanclub History : the highlights

Time for  our next fanclubmeeting. It will take place on the weekend of the 2nd September ('cause that's our 15th fan club birthday) in a bungalow-camp in the south of Berlin.
Summer 2001:
we helped our members getting the Fan- Edition of the Forever Young 2001 Single and ordering the live DVD
9th of December 2000
The Alphaville Tribute Album ( a co-production of all fan clubs) starts at the release party in   Hamburg
30. November 2000
we`re getting the title "official" Alphaville fan club
August / September 2000
we had an interview about Alphaville and the fan club with a regional newsletter
(sorry, only in German)
August 2000
F.A.T. in Pandora-Project
16.-18.06. 2000
third fanclub-meeting in Thale (together with FC Golden Feeling)
January 2000
we open our own domain at
December 1999:
The Fanbook is ready. Now our members can get a collection of introductions of the clubmembers.
In the year 2000 we will release just 3 ICS in a year (April, August and December). Between this dates we will release ICS-Newsletter with important news.
Autumn 1999
plans for the Dreamscapes- Interview, Fan- book with introductions of our members  and a collection of the German translation of all AV lyrics
May/June 1999
we build up a telephone-ring for our members without an internet account or fax in order to inform them faster
"Dreamscapes" Release Party in Berlin
December 1998:
we ordered "Dreamscapes" for our members
second fanclub meeting in Berlin; something very special
June 1998:
our homepage changes the server in favour of more space
the Moon Office Fanclub is official no longer in existence
Fanclubmeeting in Berlin !
Fanmeeting in Hamburg (7 German and 4 Italian fans)
January 1997:
the club counts more than 30 members from Germany again
Fans- and friends- Party with the Band in Berlin
21.09.1996 :
F.A.T. goes online! - our first homepage
August 1996 :
first Fanclub meeting in Italy
29.03.1996 :
re-opening of our local fanclub with a new name "Faithful and true"; publishing of the "Ivorycityside" every third month
January 1996 :
reorganisation of the Moon Office Fanclub
summer 1995 :
second meeting with Alessandra Montrucchio on the occasion of Alphas live tour
summer 1994 :
meeting with Alessandra Montrucchio and Alessandra Bertaggia in Berlin
1992/93 :
attempt to have a meeting of all Alphaville Fans in Berlin because of the 10th birthday of Alphaville, but it doesn`t happened
December 1991:
foundation of the Moon Office Fanclub; we stop our activities of the local fanclub and work for the Moon Office FC
02.09.1991 :
radiosession to the 5th birthday of our club
26.01.1991 :
"Albert and the heart of Gold" plays live in Berlin (that was Marians first solo project) we met Marian and all his friends there
summer 1990 :
now the club counts 31 members from all over the world
February 1990 :
meeting with Rosa in Salzgitter; Rosa and Ilwa sang a german version of "Romeos" for an Aids-Benefiz-Konzert; Alphaville sent us a half-playback-tape for that
1990 :
Songlines shall be shown in Berlin, but was short -term cancelled; another member saw it in another place and recorded the whole event; later the tape was stolen
1989 :
because of the long silence around Alphaville we lost some eastgerman members; but we started to correspondend with many fans from other countries
summer 1988 :
our first own fanzine comes named "Ivorycityside"
1988 :
our club took part in a benefiz action for the 70th birthday of Nelson Mandela; our name was published in a well-known newspaper
Christmas 1987 :
first contact to Alphaville
October 1987 :
now our club counts 18 members (4 boys/14 girls)
March 1987 :
the first fanzine of the FC Neubrandenburg
1987 :
promotion to find new members supported by TV and radiostations
16.09.1986 :
naming "Fantastic dream" - we choosed among this name and "Golden feeling"
02.09.1986 :
foundation of the FC Walsleben with 5 members
August 1986 :
first contact to the local fanclub from Neubrandenburg through a radio station;
plans for the foundation of an own fanclub