Collage- from Alessandra Bertaggia

Many people who quickly was passing through my life have always thought that I have been building up a kind of IVORY TOWER, from which I rately went out. I looked at the world and the events from the windows and the more I looked at my face into the MIRROR, the more I WONDER now about the people and its strange ideas. I lived my own life and I was happy about my decisions, I really did not know if it was HEAVEN OR HELL what i have chosen, but it was well alright for me!. I didn't care about people's opinions. I looked at the people fluctuating walking through the streets and it seemed like a solders' PARADE marching through an unknowing destination, searching for an IMPOSSIBLE DREAM. I felt like I was the only one living into a FANTASTIC DREAM, the society didn't accept the fellow own choices out of the mass. My efforts to be accepted by the society have been fading away time passing by. We were in the 20th CENTURY and the 21st one was on the doorstep, but FOR A MILLION of years i have been never changed my ideas. By the way, from my hiding-place I looked at the world with its LIES, its moments of EUPHORIA and restlessness, while outside an unceasing rain felt down. It was during that SUMMER IN BERLIN, during that SUMMER RAIN afternoon that my ordinary monotonous life was suddenly stopped by a strong hit. LIKE A THUNDER, a violet thunder in the sky of a semi-desert town. The fluctuate of people was remarkable gone down, a non-stop rain felt down and SOME PEOPLE took shelter under some scattered balconies. Only a girl, whom face was covered with wet long brown hair seemed not care at all about that annoying situation. That girl, that sweet face, that hair, she was the cause of an endless cold shiver running down my spine. I left my ivory tower and I went down the streets, pervaded by the need to meet that face, that girl, that wonderful creature beauty like a flower. The street was desert now. THE ONE THING I was thinking was to look for that girl, that sweet FALLEN ANGEL. Thousand indescribable marvellous SENSATIONS crossed my mind, something strange happened, i was just about to realize that when the angel shadow appeared. I run her after, I was ONE STEP BEHIND (you) her, just one, but the distance seemed to me unbelievable, so difficult to reach. AIN'T STRANGE, I thought, to be one step to crown your dream and not to be able to let it come true. How cruel is the destiny! She went into a main door, I was not able to catch the ELEVATOR with her. I counted the floors, I wanted, I caught the elevator nearby. At last that GOLDEN FEELING to be next to her pervaded all my body, I have never felt something strange like that before . The elevator stopped, I went off. I was into the darkness, the more I walked, the more everything around me was into the darkness. "DANCE WITH ME", she told me and she gently took my hand. We danced, danced and every second seemed to be one century of life with her. I would have danced with her forever, only with her. "The ringing of your laughter it SOUNDS LIKE A MELODY" . I said to her. "Do you know the MYSTERIES OF LOVE??" she continued to repeat dancing and waving her wavy long hair . "Do you know them?" I was not able to speak, my voice was parallized, only the eye could react, my mind suggested me to stop that moment, catch that sweet creature "if you do not react, she FADES AWAY, she fades away ", but I could not react. When i regained consciousness it was early morning, the rain stopped falling down, the TV was turned on for long hours and the compere was listing the today HEADLINES. I went out to buy the newspaper, I opened the door: on the door-mat, a rose, a RED ROSE beautiful as I have never seen one before.
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