Welcome at the  Alphaville-Chat!

if you click the button below you'll get the login- mask to enter the Chat room at the homepage of the German Alphaville Fanclub "Golden Feeling".
We (means the fanclubs) decided to declare this chatroom to the common chatroom for all alphaville-Fans.

It's meeting time every Monday at 9 p.m. CET for a chat in German language
The english chat is every Sunday at 9 p.m. CET under www.alphaville.de
Of course you can try it also at other times but it's not so sure if you  meet someone then.

Here a discription about the login-mask, because it'S in German.
You'll see 2 fields

Dein Name: write the nickname you choose for the Chat
Dein Profil: for example your e-mail adress, but it can be empty, too

Please click the arrow then and the Java-Applet  starts loading.
Keep patience if it needs a while, that's quite normal.

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