In a concert we met ISI. We recognized at once that Bernhard Lloyd was the producer of their actually single. We interviewed Tom Lüders and Martin Müncheberg for you...
FAT : Who is ISI and where do you come from?
ISI :  Tom and Martin from Berlin
FAT : Since when ISI is existing?
ISI : since September of 1996. That was the time we don`t want to be named no longer Screen Ovation.
FAT : What were you doing before ISI?
ISI :  The same but with english lyrics and more seriously
FAT :  You changed your name Screen Ovation into ISI, why?
ISI : Because we wanted to do the same but with german lyrics and more funny. The name "Screen Ovation" was not suitable. Besides the most people spoke it not correct. We wanted be named with a short remembered name and we think ISI is the best we found.
FAT : Do you earn enough money for living with ISI?
ISI : Too good to be true! At the moment is ISI the reason why we are totally in debt. If we go through Berlin at once some "black mens" are following us
FAT : How do you met Bernhard Lloyd?
ISI : because of Mr.Pearson and Mr.Page (Blind Passengers)
FAT :  What can you tell us about your working with Bernhard Lloyd?
ISI : He was the execute producer of our actually single. The production was in his garden- studio.
FAT :  What did he change of your music?
ISI : Our responsible recordman Andreas Weihs supports special Danceacts. He thought we should do also something like that. That opinion together with the tastes of Colin and Bernhard created that song. Originally Martin and me wanted to publish a NDW-titel already in February 96. We thought it`s time for such song. But nobody around us could recognized the sign of the time and that`s why other bands like Blümchen or Lucilectric were faster than us.
FAT :  What did you like and what not so much in working together with Bernhard?
ISI : It`s a pity that Bernhard and his equipment and experiences isn`t by our side during the production of our next album. We very like his efficience and his speed and his eternal calm. Besides it was warm and comfortable in his studio and the garden was so beautiful.
FAT : What did you feel inside short before you met Bernhard the first time? He`s so well- known, did you feared or had some inhibititions and was there a reason for all of that?
ISI : Naturally we were very excited as we walked the first time on the ground of his home. I expected like every fan: he would be a cool profi and he will show me how to do it right. Naturally it was complet otherwise: a tall man - a little bit marked through the years- was sitting modest in the kitchen of the house and talked with Colin. At the first time I felt like the last beginner. But that gone away after a day being alone with him. Sometimes I asked Bernhard if I would desturb him, but he permanent wants to get feedback and resonance. I was lucky about and stayed the whole time (daily from 10 a.m. till late at night). I don`t know if perhaps I dissuade him from working a little bit,yet. But it never seemed so. In my eyes he`s a very sympatic, well-balanced person and you can working very well together with him. I hope he`s the same opinion about me.
FAT :  On the cover of your single you say thank you to different people, also to Marian. You mean Marian Gold?
ISI : No, the name of our art designer is Marian. Marian Gold I (Martin) met one time in Lundt/ Sweden. He was very friendly and enlightened.
 FAT : We saw you live. Your musicstyle is very brave: german lyrics together with synthipop.
Did you make it in this way since your start of making music? ISI : We realy tried to create an own ISI-style. Maybe anytime in the future we will be the "Ärzte" of synthipop-in any case we`ll try to go in this direction. But this new direction will be published only on our next album. Our first single "Du bist mir egal" is more dancefloor, originally we`re not so happy about this fact.
FAT : When will the album be published?
ISI :  propable at the begin of January
FAT : What did you publish until?
ISI :  Under the name "Screen Ovation" an EP "Graceland"
FAT : Who is your idol?
ISI :  Tom likes Cosmic Babys and the music of the 80s. I(Martin) like for instance EMF,De/Vision, The Smith or Static Icon. But that are no real idol, only in being successful
FAT :  Who is the female voice on your single?
ISI :  That`s Sabine, a studyfriend of Martins ex-girlfriend. She will sing also on the next album.
FAT : Where will you playing live in the future?
ISI :  In December we will playing again together with the Blind Passengers. But we also will try to have own gigs. But there are no concret dates.
FAT : Have you got a real working fanclub?
ISI :  Yes of course, there you can get the infopages.
FAT :  How can somebody contact the fanclub?
ISI : ISI fanclub, Postbox 131, Germany 04758 Oschatz

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