Interview from Anja Herrmann with Marian Gold after the concert in Wriezen on the 6th of December in 1996

Anja: Marian, now you are more than 10 years active in the showbuisness. Do you still like it?
Marian Gold: Yes, I realy still like it very much.
Anja: How do you choose the fantastic backround female singers like Jocelyn B. Smith?
MG: I know Joc already since 1984. Our Producer suggest them to us. At that time it was Wolfgang Loos.
A: How did you got the Idea to become a singer or was it more a hobby at the beginning?
MG: At first I sang in the choir of our church until to the breaking of the voice (as I was 12 years old) in soprano, later in alto. Originally I have studied arts, but I stopped the study. I play piano (I learnt it by myself).I just started to play and sing to it, so it was in the past.
A: Did you also play with other bands except the Lassie singers?
MG: Originally I only wanted to get one of their T-shirts `cos I like that shirts very much. My producer suggests me, I could make backroundsessions. They would like it and I would get my shirt. Another band I worked together were the Goldenen Zitronen, Ideal, F.J.Krueger. The Zitronen worked with other Punkbands, too - like Ärzte. They maked a Coverversion of "Forever Young". Somebody told me, awaiting the worst! And it was really the worst I`ve heard there. But I sang the song althought.
A: What`s your opinion about Coverversions?
MG: There`s for instance also a hideous technocoverversion of "Forever Young", but it doesn`t matter, not in the least.
A: The lyrics of the album "Prostitute" are very earnest, also about Germany . Why do you think so hatefull about Germany?
MG: I hate this country, I mean I love this country. If I wouldn`t love the country I couldn`t hate it. If you don`t love something you cannot hate it. So I love it, because I was born here. And I hate it, if I must see, how they burn down houses or asylums. That`s not so sick in other countries like in England. During my time in England I also had problems with natives. Surely not everybody is harmony,happieness, omelette, but it`s never so sick. If you get problems than because of being german. Althought that`s imbecile, it`s not our generation`s fault. Allright, it`s german history and everybody should know about it. But it`s stupid to say you`re an imbecile, `cos it is not your and mine fault.On the whole I like Germany.
A: So the song "To Germany with love" has nothing to do with that or has it to do with the of that time wall between East and West? I think to "From the ruins risen slowly, to the future till we stand"
MG: Yes, the lyric has to do with the seperation between East and West. It was my wish that both are together and what do you think is "from the ruins..."
A: It`s the german national anthem
MG:yes, I put parts of the eastgerman and the westgerman national anthems together and used it for the song.
unknowing person: How do you get the ideas for your lyrics?
MG: The lyrics are the products of what is turning in my head.
A: At last I want to know since when you got singinglessons?
MG: (laughs) sometimes, if some people (friends or aquaintances) say/mean it would be good for me. Allthought I don`t think so, but you ever meet pretty female singingteachers, unfortunately too old but quiet pretty
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