Finally there it is: Alphaville’s 8-CD-Box, which you have been waiting for since September 1998. 9 ½ hours of wonderful music, that consists of demo-versions, B-Sides, remixes of already released and live-taped songs – definitely a must for every fan! It wouldn’t be right to call "Dreamscapes" commercial, but that probably wasn’t the idea, which hides behind. "Dreamscapes" is a limited edition of 2000 boxes, which aren’t available in any music stores. Alphaville themselves call "Dreamscapes" their own anthology, a mirror of their musical creation during the last 20 years – a present for their fans.

"I’m your best friend – the dream"

In their songs Alphaville often talk about fantastic things and dreams. That’s why "dream machine" is the right title to start the journey through Alphaville’s anthology, which got the suitable title "Dreamscapes".

Cover 1The 1st CD is a collection of demo-versions from Alphaville’s first album "forever young" and further material from those days, which were never released before, e.g. the songs "leben ohne ende" (1 out of 3 German songs which exist), "romance", "into the dark" and the instrumental "colours". By the way "romance" is a further example for Marian’s flexible voice.

If you listen to the songs, you will notice that they were produced in more or less unprofessional studios. In comparison to versions which were released later these demos sound like songs from the underground scene. But because of that fact, they are very interesting.

Many fans critically mentioned that it’s difficult to recognize well-known versions of certain songs during the concerts – especially "big in Japan". But if you listen to the 1978’s version you can notice that this song is very similar to the live version.

Especially the demo-version of Alphaville’s world-famous anthem "forever young" differs from the one that was released in 1984. Originally "forever young wasn’t created to be a ballad, but a mixture between a danceable extended version and the today known ballad.

It’s quite refreshing to hear this song in a different version.


The principle of the 2nd CD is to continue what the first CD had started. You can listen to further demos and remixes from Alphaville’s 2nd ("afternoons in utopia") and 3rd ("the breathtaking blue") album. The differences between demos and later released songs are getting more and more obvious, since the production was realized with more large-scaled techniques. Very artistic and polished songs were created and maybe that’s the possible reason why these albums couldn’t tie to the 1984’s success. The demos are fresher and more original. We call "fantastic dream" a highlight. "Carol masters" reminds us of Alphaville’s never realized idea of forming a complete stage show with the songs of the album "afternoos in utopia".

The remix of "Romeos" is something special, since the song is based on the in the US released single.

Cover 2
The 3rd CD is the biggest present for the fans. It contains all existing B-sides, which are hard to find in music stores, because vinyl records are very hard to get nowadays.

Again and again fans begged Alphaville to produce a record containing all B-sides. How typically! Alphaville not only put the original songs on this record (too boring) no – they "fit these songs a complete new uniform". And what a pleasure – all songs sound much better now. We didn’t expect an improvement, because in a lot of fans’ opinion the B-sides are the best songs by Alphaville. Now, with the use of actual beats and samples, all songs sound more modern.

"The other side of u", "sister sun", "legend" and "next generation" really stand out against the others.

On the 3rd CD you can also find 3 demo-versions, inter alia "golden feeling" – a song for the film "the cop and the girl". But the demo-version isn’t half as good as the later released song. The demo-version lasts 7:40 minutes and we miss peppy elements.

All in all we call the 3rd record the best one.


And there it is: the also begged live album. The 4th record of "Dreamscapes" contains parts of different Alphaville concerts.

Live albums seldom are good. Often the singing and the melodies sound lousy (because you need a professional equipment to produce excellent recordings), the singer often gasps for breath and it’s very difficult to catch the whole live atmosphere. These facts probably were the reasons why Alphaville hesitated for so long. But if they start something the result isn’t half bad.

Gold’s voice is hardly weaker than in the studio and the melodies stayed as they were. The 4th record contains 2 songs, which you couldn’t hear yet during the usual tour programme. "Beethoven" and "mercury girl" were spontaneous taped under the pseudonym "Albert and the heart of Gold" during a concert in Berlin’s Tempodrom.

For every fan, who has already seen Alphaville live it’s a great thing to let all these fantastic memories come back in the own living room.

Cover 3
On the 5th CD Alphaville present their other side and created a record full of rock music.

A large part of these song were later put on Marian’s 1st solo album "so long celeste" in 1992. The material already existed in 1991 and Marian presented his work during a concert in Berlin (again under the pseudonym Albert and the heart of Gold). Later – after a meeting with Kid and John – he decided to let them remix his songs. The result was similar to common techno music and unfortunately flopped. On the 5th record you probably can hear the original versions of the songs that nevertheless aren’t typical for Alphaville.

Some of the songs are cover versions, e.g. "the shape of things to come" or "roll away the stone". Marian didn’t make a secret of that fact. He describes himself as a music fan and he likes playing songs from musicians he admires.

Alphaville have the reputation for creating wonderful ballads. A further example is "because of you", which stands out against the other songs on the 5th record. Nevertheless Alphaville are able to create rock music, too, without coming off badly.


The 6th record contains wonderful ballads!

Only "if the audience was listening" was already played live as final encore. Since a lot of fans like this fantastic song it is released on the 6th record now.

"Waves" – never released before – probably is the original version of "euphoria", because both songs contain identical parts of the text. It often happens that Alphaville create several songs from one idea. The best example is "elegy". Altogether there exist 3 different versions, e.g. "sirens", and "legend", which were already released. But everybody knew that there was another song called "elegy". Now you can listen to it.

"Pandora’s lullaby". Marian Gold once said: "Pandora’s lullaby" is one of these songs, which you can’t create very often. Sometimes half a life isn’t enough, but sometimes it just needs half a night." The opera version supports the effect of that unique song.

"Mysterion" is the result of the participation in different projects with other musicians. This song belongs to Rainer Bloss’ album "drive inn III".

The demo versions of "change the world", "cosmopolitician" and "Caroline" – put on Marian’s 2nd solo album "united" – are rarities, too. Not every fan is in possession of this solo album, because it only was released in South Africa in 1996. Soon it will be published in the United States and we hope, that all songs will become famous.

Another highlight is "carry your flag". Alphaville are really the best in creating ballads.

Cover 4
The 7th record hasn’t got a certain motto. It’s a mixture, too, which contains 2 German songs, that Alphaville ever created ("Traumtänzer" and "Blauer Engel"). We also call "big in Japan" a rarity, since this version was taped during the first concert at the Forum Enger in the New Year’s Even in 1981/82. It’s known as foundation of Alphaville, who called themselves "Forever Young" before.

You can hear the song "forever young" with a text, which is different from the today known version.

Remarkable is "Romeos". It’s the very first version that ever existed. Alphaville said, that they weren’t able to hit the nail squarely on the head during the production of their 3rd album. But Jimbo Barton got it with his remix, which took place in a studio in London. A lot of work was necessary and it took a long time.

The version of "astral body" differs from the one that was released on the Re.Flexion-Sampler and "recycling" is one of Alphaville’s very first songs, that was created in 1977.


The 8th and last record is also a fantastic mixture. It starts with "Montego bay" – also taped during the Alphaville’s first concert at the Forum Enger.

The 8th record contains 4 instrumentals. In our opinion Alphaville neglected his instrumental side. "Imperial youth", "iron gate", "joyride" and "tomorrow" are the best evidences that it isn’t necessary to hide that side!

"Iron gate" is a song that couldn’t get out of Marian’s mind since 1976 and that’s why it’s much older than "recycling". But Marian wrote down "iron gate" later than "recycling". "Duel" is a cooperation between the band’s friend Klaus Schulze – who helped to produce "the breathtaking blue"- and Alphaville. The demo version of "flames" is very interesting because it’s faster than the one you know. Our highlight on the 8th record is "in bubblegum".

The booklet

Together with all 8 CDs you got a booklet consisting of 65 pages. How usual it contains texts, various pictures from the band, symbols and people, who supported Alphaville on their musical way. There are pictures, too, that helped to explain certain parts of certain texts. These pictures are very mysterious like Alphaville themselves. But they all have a certain meaning.

Monika Timm and Marian created the booklet’s design. He was writing short stories, that very imaginatively describe Alphaville’s history and at the same time every single record.

Since the CD-Box was released in America the booklet is written in English.

"I’m your best friend – the dream"

We are sure, that every fan dreamt of such an anthology for so long – that’s why that box will become your best friend.

"And it is there where I go now..."

thanx for the translation to Yvonne Herrmann
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