(by Olek Trembowiecki)

He didn't know when he first noticed this, but it just... happened. He had a dog - a dog with wings. Strange thing - nobody seemed to have an idea what does it mean. The dog was quite normal, but those wings? He asked so many people and... nothing. But there was one more place where he could ask about it. You know - this dog looked much like an angel-dog, so he decided to ask about it in heaven.
He went to the gate of heaven where Saint Peter was sitting with big keys attached to his belt.
- Hello - he didn't know how to start the conversation. He talked to real saint for the first time, you know.
- Welcome, stranger. How can I help you? - Peter somehow wasn't surprised.
- I have a dog and it's got wings. What does it mean? Is it a sign of something?
- What? Dog with wings?
- Yes, with wings.
- You mean - like angel?
- Yes, that's why I came here.
- Now - what's your name, my child.
- Hart... I mean Marian Gold.
Peter opened big book lying in front of him.
- Gold Gold Gold... Here is one. Adam Gold?
- No, he's just one of my fans. I'm Marian Gold.
- Your fan? All your fans have the same name as you?
- No, I don't think so.
- Hey - let me think. You have fans, so... you're an artist or something?
- Yes - I'm a musician. I sing in band called Alphaville.
- Ah! Alphaville! I love this song: Forever young - I want to be - forever young!!! - he started to sing.
- This is our old hit...
- ...and this one: Oh when you're big in Ja-pan, big in Ja-paaan!!!
- ...that's nice, but...
- ...and this: You're my heart, you're my soul...
- Hey, it isn't our song!
- No? Oh, I'm sorry. It was so long ago...
- So, can you please tell me something about this angeldog?
- Sure. I can.
- ?
- This dog is your GUARDIAN ANGEL.
- Pardon me?
- Your guardian angel.
- I've understood this, but... A DOG??? I've always thought that guardian angel is a true angel - I mean a saint PERSON with wings. Person - not a dog.
- And what do you think Mr. Selfish - dogs don't have the right to owe their own guardian angels?
- Sure they have, but I'm not a dog, as you see.
- Well - you're not indeed.
- So will you tell me PLEASE why my guardian angel is a dog?
- It's not a short story.
- That's OK, I've got plenty of time.
- Then listen. My boss some time ago decided to join this NATO organisation. Unfortunetly there are always some wars involving NATO, so we have to support our people on earth down there. You should know that nowadays heaven is not that reach and we don't have too much spare guardian angels, that is why from time to time we 'borrow' guardian angels from different people and give them... other various animal-angels instead.
- But why me? Why did you take my angel?
- NATO is the best possible organisation and everybody who thinks different and doesn't want to support it should be condamned! Now you're making me nervous! I tried to be polite, but you give me no choice! You wanna know why we took 'your' guardian angel?!
- Yes... - Marian looked really scared.
- Here you go: first - everybody gets finally such gurdian angel they deserve, besides - your last album wasn't that good, you know. And Elvis was really pissed... I mean angry when he heard you trying to sing like him in 'Control'.
- What???
- I know what I'm talking about. I've listened to it on my DISCANGEL(TM) many times and was rather disappointed.
- ...
- And what did you think? We - angels - also listen to music. And I'm a real expert of synth-pop. When I first heard your first album, I was delighted, but then you started doing strange marketing movements. And this 'Breathtaking blue' album was just too much for me - I hate it! 'Salvation' is better, but - as I said - disappointing.
- Oh, I see... - said sadly Marian.
- Hey, it looks like I was too rude to you. You know, since Freddy Mercury joined us, he stayed a DJ in our local radio station. Unfortunetly ha had enough of rock and fell in love with pop. I have nothing against good pop, you know, but this guy is killing us playing all over Village People and Erasure.
- C'mon, you have Erasure records here??? Oh no!...
- Take it easy, we don't. Their all records are available only in hell - this is where Freddy borrows them from. But where were we? Oh, I know. So he still played these two bands and all the angels were going mad (this is why I asked a guy who worked in SONY to do a mobile cd-player for me - you know, this 'discangel'(TM) just be able to listen to what I really like). But someday he got your 'Salvation' and it was like a water for somebody who hasn't drunk for ages. This record made us listen to radio again... Wait a second - he stopped talking, because his mobile phone rang. He took it - Saint Peter here... What? Richard Gere? And what does he want?... Nah, Buddha isn't here. Send him back - he's in wrong heaven. - He switched off the phone. - Those people...
- But you've just said that you don't like this album.
- What? Ah, you mean 'Salvation'. Sure, but I'm an expert. And there is really beutiful song on it. Soul Messiah. We hoped - I mean really hoped - you'll release it as a single. And... nothing! And this anthology - there isn't any version of this song either! It was just too much. We decided to punish you - that's why you've got Kelo.
- Kelo?
- Yes, your angeldog.
- Now I see. Thank you for everything, Saint Peter. It's time for me, I guess. - He turned back and went home escorted by voice of Peter.
- Good bye, my child. And don't be so sad. You'll get your guardian angel back after this war in Kosovo ends. Besides - Kelo is really cute. You won't see any difference between your angel and Kelo - except cats won't like you that much anymore. And I'm afraid you'll have to take a walk at least four times every day...

Suddenly Marian woke up. So it was just a dream... But very realistic dream anyway. And what if...
He made a decision - there has to be another single released out of 'Salvation'. You know - in case... Just in case.

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