11.08.2000 Alphaville live in Celle/ Germany

We visited Alphaville'S concert in Celle on the 11th of August.
As we noticed Uwe will be free of work this day we thought about how to realize being there.
We thought if we take Corvin with us, one of us can't be at the concerts. That was not what we wished. We thought how about if we let Corvin here at his grandparents. We felt a bit unsure because we would be 300 km away (more or less) and couldn't be fast back in the case of problems. Then we had the idea: how about if my parents accompany us to Celle??? Okay, we thought they would never agree but we decided we have nothing to loose to ask them at least. We did it quite clever and asked them if they wouldn't like to spend a weekend in the beautiful town Celle (it's really a beautiful town) special since they have no journey in their holiday this summer. We were surprised that they agreed. So we all travelled to Celle on Friday the 11th. During Uwe and me were at the concert, my parents cared for Corvin and everything was absolutely fine.
The concert was great. Celle had the annual old-town-party. The show was open air and we were lucky with the weather. It was one of many concerts all over in the city.
There was a funny, crazy, strange support band named "voluntary fire brigade of New York" But actual they had nothing to do with New York. It was just a name. The musicians wore a kind of costumes. We can't describe it with words. Just watch at the photo we took. They played only cover versions of songs that set the audience into good mood. Some fans didn't like them because the songs were just for entertainment and without any deep message. We liked them. It was a great entertainment and the audience was ready for AV. Marian and Co continued spreading out good mood. They were very relaxed, probably because it was the last show in Germany for this year. Okay, it wasn't the best AV concert we have ever seen. Here and there were some little technical problems.
But it didn't matter and didn't curtail the greatness of the concert. The stuff they played was very similar to the "stark naked..." album They played a lot of the bursting with energy -songs: Sounds like a melody, Guardian Angel, Jet Set, Dance with me, Astral Body, A Victory of love...
We had a lot of fun during the show. After the concert KP invited us to spend the rest of the night with the band and the crew. There was an house rented for them and also the crew of the support band. There were drinks and snacks for free. It was quite nice. By the way: even Klause Schulze (producer of The Breathtaking Blue) was there. It was nice to get introduced to him. But it was a bit strange. Klaus Schulze is a legendary man, but the one we met was just an old drunk man. So the legend is cracking up anyhow.
A lot of fans were there (even Willy from Denmark). We had a lot of fun together and like always the time was much too short to speak with everybody intensive. Anyway the tour got a deserving final for this year in Germany.

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