The Tribute Album Release Party in Hamburg
(09. December 2000)
(written by André K., Ilwa and Rosie - photos: F.A.T. and Janine- translated from german into English by Rosie)

We were looking forward to the party in Hamburg for weeks. Today - on Dec. 09, 2000 - it should finally happen...
My girlfriend and I started our trip to Hamburg at 8 a.m.. We had about 3 hours to go by car and when we arrived to Hamburg at 11 o´clock, there was some time left for us, because our hotel room was reserved for 12 o´clock. We were using time to explore the best way to achieve the party-hotel. After all we decided to take a cab. Meanwhile we had occupied our hotel room and also taken a little refreshment. We didn´t want to be late at all! In the cab there was the first problem though. The driver had no idea where the Aqua-Hotel is located. He had to ask passers in every street, but fortunately we arrived in time. After a friendly welcome by hotel
manager Stefan, we were lead into a room where we got coffee and cakes. There have been only  few fans, but the room got fuller and fuller...
All the hotel was decorated with posters which were made specially for the party. The posters were showing an introduction of the artists who´ve been involved to the project.
In the beginning the atmosphere was quite strained but it became easier and easier while people introduced thereselves to each other. Stefan and Joachim (Scandinavian FC) said welcome and told us the planned programm of today.
Some of the German fans got a language problem for sure. Almost each information was told in English. We tried to translate, but most of what we said got lost in the crowd. Anyway it was fascinating that the fans from abroad were dominating at this party. Figure out! There have been fans from 9 countries. Michael from USA had the longest way, then Adi and Ronen from Israel, fans from France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and Italy. They all joined the party in the Aqua Sport Hotel.
First top of the programm was the little trip to the Forever Young statue. Allmost all the party people built an Indian file to the nearest subway station. What a crazy image: a train full of Alphaville fans.
Not too long ago I read about the FY-statue in the fanzine or in the mailing list. A statue? No! That´s impossible. I think it´s a relief. Yeah! When I look at the FY-cover I can imagine that. It´s a relief - not a statue. For sure! They said, the statue was standing anywhere in Hamburg... in front of a block of flats ... in a quarter where people of the working class are living. Now I was right on the way from the Aqua Sport Hotel to this "Young Boy". The RELIEF still in my view - why do they all talk about a STATUE??? ... Well, I forgot to take the camera with me but this was only on point of the famous "don´t expect what you´re expecting" ...Stefan Clotz advised to take "family-tickets" (5 persons) at the subway-station. This might be cheaper than all the single tickets that we would need for only one stop. When we arrived to the station ... "who wants to build a family with me?" ... some people accepted. I bought a family-ticket and from then - I´ve been alone (with Luna-Claudi). No idea, who were my "children" - anyway they all seemed to be used that "Mom" is paying for them ... So I´ve got the luxury of going one stop by subway for about 14 DM (at least there and back)...One stop... then only some 100 meters to walk...The speed of our "prozession-leaders" let us fear that the statue, which is standig motionless anywhere in Hamburg since (at least) 1984, might get lost - right today, right in this hour. We went (ran!) from the station to the "holy location". If only we had had candles at our prozession! Or (breathtaking Blue-) laterns! Sun over Hamburg! Or banners! "We are family!" ... "Alphaville forever!"... On our way we were thinking about the reaction of the neighbours. Tobi said something like "5000 people in front of the house... "TOBI!!!
Don´t exaggerate that shameless!" (Wishful Thinking?) We´ve been a striking crowd. Yes indeed! We arrived ... It IS a statue, NO relief... ok ok ... I admit ... I was wrong...The statue is quite small and green and... stark naked! For us Alphaville fans only the face is interesting, but - I BET! - at first everybody looked THERE! ... Poor "young boy" - stark naked and it´s December... so cold. My thought for the statue: Sorry, I don´t know you. You little green wight have nothing in common with the prominent face on the FY-cover. Sorry! I mean no harm ;-)  Anywhere in Hamburg... or Berlin ... or Münster ... or Enger ... or Herford... or ... anyway anywhere in Germany or ... anywhere on earth ... anywhere there´s a relief ... on a house ... absolutely inconspicious, but I will discover the relief ... anytime. For sure!
(To be honest, I thought the statue was taller). After the photo-shooting we went back to the hotel, where we had dinner then.
While most of the fans were on the little trip to the legendary statue, Uwe and I stayed in the hotel because we had to work. Our case was full of Tribute Albums without booklets. The Italians brought the booklets and we had to complete the cd´s after we had received their individual numbers (like the great Dreamscapes Box). It was also an opportunity for chatting with other fans leisurely. We could also welcome some newcomers.
Before, while and after dinner the party mood grew on. Of course the background music came from the tribute album. The atmosphere became easier and easier. People enjoyed smalltalk and barter (merchandise articles).
It was quite funny that somebody of the Scandinavian FC really brought original stickers from 1984! Because of the nostalgic mood of us fans the stickers went like hot cakes.
The absolutely top of the evening was about to begin: the live show.
After each performance there was some time for smalltalks. This kind of programm was a clever kind of programm, because conversation of the fans never got lost. This was so much better than "only" dancing and watching all the time. So the party got a very private atmosphere.
After Andy´s performance the German band "Slender Flame" did their very best. Their cover of "Seeds" changed the floor to a hot-plate. A guitar solo of the "Nemo project" (Italy) I got gooseflesh - Just beautiful!
Before another Italian Project (AA Project) went on stage some people got gifts. Uwe and I had prepared (in the name of all FC- leaders) cups with personal dedications for all those people who have spent so much time and a lot of work for the realization of the Tribute Album. Bruno Foechterlein (French FC) presented the cup to Yves Cannic for the wonderful design. Unfortunately, Lorenzo Betelli (Italian FC), who mastered the songs and organised the print of the
booklet was not at the party. That´s why Alessandra Bertaggia could only present the cup for him symbolically. Myself, I presentet te cup to Stefan Clotz because he cared for us this evening and because he had prepared the party so wonderfully. Last but not least Willy Nielson (Scandinavian FC) gave one cup to the coordinator of the project: Joachim Hollander.
All the performing musicians have been great, but - no doubt! -  the absolutely top act was "Artwork" from Sweden. The live performance of this band couldn´t be surpassed. Even Bernhard Lloyd, who has been honorary guest, seemed to be impressed by "Artwork".
Btw., I found it was just crazy to see Bernhard Lloyd so near. All the evening he gave autographs and let take photos together with his fans. He didn´t look exhausted at all. Later this evening there was a competition. We had to guess 10 AV-songs which were played backwards for about 40 seconds. It was fun but it was rather difficult. One of the winners was Tobias Prohl, who forwarded his price to another winner. Afterwards there were smalltalk, music, drinks and
fun ... till the early morning. This party was an impressive experience and we´ll surely won´t forget it.
There was another top for us. fanclub-leaders of 6 nations met for the first time, what we used to talk to each other. this was so special, because usually we only met in the internet. Since then somehow we feel like belonging together even more than before.
Welcome at the door of the hotel
decoration on the wall (s)
dinner, beer and smalltalk
Andy E from Sweden
Nemo- Project from Italy
Bruno, Ilwa, Willy and Alessandra B. have presents for the organisation boys: Stefan Clotz (hotel), Yves Cannic (booklet), Lorenzo Betelli (mixing and printing) and Joachim Hollander (co- ordinator)
Streetside Romeos
AA- Project (Italy)
artwork (Scandinivia)
during the quiz
the dancing crowd
all fanclub leaders and Claudia from Moonbase together

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