09.11.-11.11.2000 Alphaville live in Southafrica
An Alphaville experience  by Michael Veiga
“You’ve got to be kidding me. They’re actually coming to South Africa ?” I couldn’t believe my ex-girlfriend when she told me Marian and the guys were touring and that their next stop was going to be here in S.A.
Apparently my ex had heard the news on the radio and she decided to inform me, knowing what a great fan of Alphaville I am.
I spent about half an hour phoning around to try and organise backstage passes.
Eventually I got through to the promoters and a voice on the other end of the line said that there wouldn’t be any problem… “Say what?” I asked him. “No problem. Just give your name at the counter and they’ll organize you passes to join us at the meet and greet after the concert.”
That voice belonged to Jarred Astin of the Show group Company.
Thursday, 9 November 2000

We’re here at Carnival City, Brakpan. We’ve got the envelope with our backstage passes. I’ve given Jarred a phone call and he’s met us in the lobby of the stadium.
(The we and us I keep referring to are my sister, my friends and myself).
We make plans to meet Jarred after the concert, with the rest of the band of coarse.
The concert is good. Marian seems to be suffering from jet lag though. Christian, Martin and Shane are all in a good mood. The highlight of the concert for me was “Forever Young” of coarse. 
We all convene in an upstairs room with the rest of the guests. About 15 minutes later, the band walks in. Marian looks like a zombie. You can see that he’s really tired. I get photo’s with the band and I chat to them for awhile. They all come across as really nice guys. Shane and Martin tell a few jokes and everyone has a good laugh. Christian is more of the quiet type by the looks of things. 
Unfortunately, no cameras were allowed in the arena, so I did not manage to get any pics of the guys in action.

Marian and myself (you can see he’s not in the mood for pictures)

Christian, Shane, Martin and yours truly.
Saturday, 11 November 2000

We’re back for the third and final night of the tour. This time I’m at the concert with a different group of friends. 
This night the band was AMAZING! Now jet lag relieved, Marian is all over the stage. The man never gets tired! The whole band is in a really good mood. Even the couple I came with are jamming and enjoying themselves. The best part of the concert by far was when Marian handed the “Forever Young” chorus over to the crowd who responded very well.
They played “Apollo” in closing as usual, and as everyone started towards the exit, Marian and Martin walk back on the stage. What seems to be a piano solo by Martin soon turns into a beautiful rendition of “Dance with me”.
The crowd roars and Martin and Marian leave the stage.

We join the guys back stage for a second time, but in a different location. Everyone is drinking and having a great time. The band joins us and I walk up to Shane and start to talk to him. I explain to him how I never expected to watch Alphaville performing because of a medical condition I have. Shane tells me to wait a second, walks off into a room somewhere in the back and fetches a symbol he says had seen it’s way around the world.
He asks all the band members to autograph it and brings it over to present it to me.
- Needless to say, I was BLOWN AWAY! 

Marian autographing the symbol.
Being grateful and a magician I offer to show the band some street magic. I levitate for Marian and the rest and all Marian says is “My God! He levitated. Did you see that? He f****** floated off the ground! I don’t believe it!”
“I know how you did that.” Shane tells me. I turn to him and smile and he keeps the secret to himself.

Christian, Martian and Shane with another fan and her symbol.
“We’re going to DeNiro’s in Sandton” Shane tells me. I take a quick trip home, get changed and rush off to DeNiro’s.  The band arrives without Marian, about 10 minutes after me. 
I spent most of the night speaking to Christian. We discussed Europe and all the far-off places the band has been to while I perform more magic.
About an hour later the band has to leave. I bid them farewell and ask them to join us in South Africa again sometime.

My favourite picture…
I had a great time – thanx Alphaville!

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